Frozen in Time: The Ice Warriors’ 16th Anniversary Event

On June 3rd, the Ice Warriors celebrated their 16th anniversary. Despite ceasing operations as an army a few months ago, the server chose to celebrate this momentous occasion with a Club Penguin event.

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Iceyfeet1234 created the Ice Warriors in June 1st, 2007. As we know them today, the Warriors are one of the most impactful armies of CPA. However, their beginnings were quite humble. It wasn’t until December 2007 that the army truly began its journey to become a powerhouse. The Ice Warriors are reportedly the first army to use the word ‘Warriors’ in their name, starting a rather overused trend.

Anniversary Event

Ice Warriors vs Nachos in March Madness Finals 2013

Eventually, the frozen army went on to win several tournaments and wars. It all started with the Legends Cup 2010 finals. The Ice Warriors brought a whopping 80+ soldiers to the battle. However, the Nachos still took the win home. Despite their loss, the Ice Warriors continued growing as an army. They eventually went on to win several Legends Cup titles over the years and even spearheaded the World War IV.

In the Golden Era, the Ice Warriors easily maxed 75+ in each event. However, their success took multiple hits throughout the years. Iceyfeet played a pivotal role in not letting the army die, alongside other influential leaders like Albert417. In 2016, the ‘Drew Crew’ made their entry in the army. The Drew Crew consisted of three people – Andrew, Spy and Final Chaser. The trio became involved in several conflicts with Kingfunks4, one of the leaders of the Warriors. They ousted Kingfunks from the army, which led him to take over the Water Vikings‘ leadership and declare war upon the Warriors. During the second such war, both armies eventually succumbed to the inactivity of 2016. However, the army did make a brief return in 2017 for a final stand.

Anniversary Event

One of the war battles between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings

Following their return during the CPPS era, the Ice Warriors chose to operate continuously on Club Penguin Online. During this time, the army consistently maxed 80+. However, the closure of Club Penguin Online hit the maxes of most of the armies based on the game. The Ice Warriors became one of the few armies that survived the move from the game to Club Penguin Rewritten.

In fact, they did not take much time to recover from the hits caused by the move. They went on to max a whopping 120+ in the Legends Cup of 2020. The army also benefitted from several Pirates soldiers joining their ranks, following the closure of the Pirates. Ever since 2020, the Warriors have made their way to several semi-finals and finals finishes in tournaments, even winning several titles like the March Madness. In July 2020, creator Iceyfeet attended an interview regarding the beginnings of the army.

Ice Warriors vs Help Force, in March Madness VII

However, their success wasn’t limited to just tournaments. The Ice Warriors heavily dominated Club Penguin Army Hub’s map in 2020. They achieved this through the use of proxy armies and colonies to acquire more servers than all other armies, a move that caught several people off guard. The army also became a part of the infamous Black Ice Alliance, which dominated the warfare scenario throughout its existence. Moreover, they placed first on the Top Ten Armies list several times throughout these three years.

However, in March 2023, the Ice Warriors faced controversy, leading to multiple armies ending their alliance and declaring them as enemies. Eventually, these allegations led to their ultimate shutdown. Most of their members shifted to armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings. However, the Warriors currently seem to have no known plan of a return.

Anniversary Event

The Ice Warriors’ 16th Anniversary Event

On June 3rd, the Ice Warriors hosted an anniversary event on Club Penguin Army Battleground to celebrate the occasion. The anniversary event saw 30+ penguins in attendance. It seems that despite shutting down as an army, the Warriors still have an active community that can match the sizes of several active major armies. The event had several heartwarming moments, that evoked feelings of nostalgia among the attendees.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Ice Warriors legend and leader, IceQueen regarding their anniversary and the army’s future.

What would you say was your favorite moment of the Ice Warriors?

I’ve been in the Ice Warriors community for over 3 years, there’s been so many different amazing people I’ve been so grateful to meet and wonderful memories that we have created and shared together, it’s really difficult to pick one. :iwbeatingheart: One that sticks out to me is our 2022 March Madness Tournament Finals win :MM2022: , I think that was the time where throughout my time in leadership, IW was at its peak as a competitive CP Army. Apart from that, the end of 2022 and start of 2023 was such a rollercoaster, we peaked sizes during the Christmas Chaos tournament and started the new year with a huge surge of activity in the Ice Warriors community. This was all thanks to our incredible amazing staff, leadership and advisory team. :iwheart: :iwsalute: :iceqsalute:

What would you say was the most challenging part of the Ice Warriors?

The most difficult part by far was the controversies that occurred in March 2023 which eventually led to the shutdown of Ice Warriors as a CP Army. I’ve heard that many people now have seen clarity again on what a lovely community Ice Warriors is and has always had and that the events in March were truly just devastating and overall the consequences and backlash of it all were very unfair and unfortunate.

Throughout all your time in Ice Warriors, is there anything you would have done differently?

I’ve done things to the best of my ability throughout my time in leadership. Something I’d like to have happened differently, perhaps knowing or being aware about certain issues within the team in IW earlier so that the decisions and outcome could possibly also been different.

Is there any possibility for a future return?

That’s a good question, it’ll depend on the wishes of the current/future leadership and staff team of IW. :iwheart:

From the interview, we can conclude that the Ice Warriors could be possibly making a return soon. Regardless of the army’s actual plans, several members predict that the powerhouse army will be returning later this year. Certainly, it is an impressive feat to complete 16 years of existence. What do you think? Will the Ice Warriors ever return, and if yes, then when?

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