Drive In, Drive Out: Desireus Announces Retirement While Snowy Returns To Help Force

The Help Force leadership recently witnessed a switch up, in face of the ongoing World War IX. While Desireus, one of the two current leaders retired, former leader Snowy made her return to the army.

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Desireus joined the Help Force on January 24th, 2021. From the very beginning, he displayed an immense interest and dedication towards the army. Within four months of joining, he climbed up the ladder to reach the highest troop rank. Eventually, in the same month, he joined the Help Force junior staff team. In less than a month, he maxed out on the junior staff ranks as well. In May 2021, he finally reached the staff rank.


Desireus during his time as a Staff member

Following his promotion to staff, Desireus began contributing to the Helpers’ AUSIA division. His efforts were not unnoticed during this time, and slowly but steadily, he continued his rise to the top. As a result of his efforts, he received an induction into the Help Force Hall of Fame as a Power Troop. On October 23rd, 2022, following Wynn‘s retirement, Desireus rose to become the Commander of the Help Force.


Desireus’ inauguration event

Following his rise to leadership, the Help Force continued doing exceptionally well with their AUSIA division. However, their streak of losing tournaments continued haunting them for the rest of the year. It seemed that despite the efforts of multiple leaders, the Helpers were destined to reach no further than the final round of any tournament. However, the current leadership reaped the rewards of their constant determination and stubborn loyalty to the army. On May 27th, 2023, the Help Force under the leadership of Desireus and Rooboo won the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition finals. This became the first officially recognized tournament win in the army’s history. For this contribution, Desireus received the title of Help Force Icon.

Three days after the finals, Desireus announced his retirement from the army. The Help Force organized a retirement event in honor of their Commander. The event saw 30+ penguins in attendance. Following the conclusion of the event, several current and former staff members took to the chat to write farewell speeches. In the very last part of his farewell party, Desireus announced the return of Snowy as Help Force Commander, alongside Mayathefirst joining as a Leader in Training. Moreover, in his retirement post he made it clear that instead of leaving the army, he will continue serving them as a Trustee.


Desireus’ Retirement Event

Snowy is a former leader of the Help Force who retired in January 2023. Her journey in the Help Force began in 2018, the same year in which Ayan created the army. Following a brief stint as the leader of the Fashion Army, Snowy returned to the Help Force in 2019 as a staff member. However, she decided to take a break soon after. Following her return to the army in 2021, she quickly rose through the bottom of the ranks to secure a staff position. During the World War VIII, Snowy was appointed as a Second in Command to help lead the army. A few days after the retirement of Ayan, Barney, Nell and Elp, Snowy joined the leadership alongside Wynn.

Help Force in the March Madness VIII Finals

Throughout her tenure in the army, Snowy remained a pioneer of the HF US division. Her contributions were recognized when she was crowned one of the Golden Helpers of 2021, earning the title of ‘The Double-Edged Sword.’ Alongside Wynn, she led the army to several first place finishes in the Top Ten rankings. Moreover, she further demonstrated her leadership by overcoming severe activity issues and internal drama. She currently holds the title of Help Force Stalwart on the Hall of Fame.

She also led the Help Force through a war against the Special Weapons And Tactics. Through her tactic acumen and determination, she did her best to protect the army’s interests. Even after her retirement, Snowy’s dedication to the Help Force continued unwavering. She provided constant advice to the new leadership and offered assistance in planning and organizing events, showcasing her loyalty and thoughtfulness towards the army’s safety and success.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Desireus and Snowy for an interview regarding their future with the army.

What is the reason behind your retirement from the Help Force? What are your plans for the future? Will we ever see a possible comeback?

Desireus: I have been planning for retirement for a while now solely due to my inactivity through the weeks. It was getting tough to find balance between irl responsibilities and CPA, even since before the tournament, therefore I decided it was a good time to end my journey on a good note. I will be stepping down to Trustee for the time being. Will I be returning in the future, maybe or maybe not, we’ll have to see, times are unpredictable.

What was your experience like as a leader, which things did you enjoy the most?

Desireus: I enjoyed almost every bit of it, through the ups and downs, through the amazing achievements we’ve made, Its been truly an honour to be serving as a leader especially alongside with my brother, Rooboo.

Help Force recently announced their plans to assist the Army of Club Penguin in the World War. What do you expect the Help Force to achieve in the future? How do you think they will fare having just lost an excellent leader?

Desireus: Help Force will continue to provide assistance to our brother allies. Hopefully when time comes, we’ll eventually have better involvement in the war. My departure won’t be leaving Rooboo commanding alone, I can tell you that for now.

What piece of advice do you offer to the current and incoming leaders or staff?

Desireus: Don’t let the amount of contribution you can best offer define you. When you’re able to do your best, do it to your absolute maximum. Every bit of involvement matters.

Why did you decide to return to leadership after all this time? What is your ultimate goal for the second stretch of your reign?

Maya and I decided to return to assist Rooboo in the summer and make sure that the transition between Des’ retirement and promoting new commanders is a smooth one. My ultimate goal is to win this year’s Legends Cup and ban many visitors.

The Help Force proved their AUSIA division’s power recently with their tournament win. How will the army can maintain that momentum power even after AUSIA leader Desireus’ retirement?

We’re going to force all staff to adjust to an AUSIA timezone schedule, regardless of where they’re from. Food will be otherwise withheld.

What do you think was missing from your previous stint as a leader? Will this new run be different from before in that aspect?

While I’m proud of the chaos I managed to cause last time, I believe we can be even more obstructive and creative. And something about training new staff.

What is the general theme that you want to uphold for the Help Force community?

The theme I’m hoping to uphold is one of growth, stability, strength, and hatred for visitors.

The Help Force seems to be entering a new era, with Snowy back at its helm. The leadership switch might not come at the best time, since the army is passively involved in the ongoing World War IX. However, it must come as a relief to the troops that the army won’t be operating with a single leader during such an important time. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in the next chapter for the Help Force.

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