Unfinished Business: Army Of Club Penguin Declares War On Special Weapons And Tactics; Elite Guardians Schedule Invasions

In a stunning turn of events, the Army of Club Penguin has declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics, calling it the War of Unfinished Business. Shortly after, the Elite Guardians scheduled their invasions against the Agents. This has raised concerns in the army community regarding the validity of the invasions scheduled by the Guardians.

On May 29, Calgocubs21, the 49th Army of Club Penguin leader, released a post stating the plans of the army. The post included the promotion of their second-in-commands, Coolguy and AustinFraud, to leaders. Additionally, the army ended its ongoing Project: Ascent and announced its sequel – Project: Domination. Following this, the army declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics.

Army of CP’s declaration

The Clovers and the Agents last met on the battlefield in December. During that time, Army of Club Penguin joined forces with Templars and Dark Vikings to form the Circus Alliance against SWAT. It ended with a treaty between two opposing sides. ACP and DV retained the land they earned, with Templars losing all of theirs due to multilogging.

War of the Troubled Allies – Dark Vikings vs Special Weapons & Tactics

Special Weapons and Tactics is currently engaged in the Sapphire Concordat, an alliance formed against the Dark Vikings. As a result, the declaration by ACP can have a significant impact on the ongoing war.

Special Weapons & Tactics vs Dark Vikings

The Clovers did not state the reason for their declaration. From the name of the war however (War of Unfinished Business), it is safe to assume that they wanted to continue their conflict that had previously been put on hold. Shortly after their declaration, the Elite Guardians scheduled invasions against SWAT without formally joining the war. This led to confusion within the community regarding the validity of these invasions.

The Club Penguin Armies administration quickly confirmed the validity of the invasion. According to Wynn’s words, they did not violate either the first or second war term set by ACP. Since the Guardians had not officially declared war, they did not formally enter the conflict, and the server lockdown only restricted transfers. However, EGCP had to reschedule their invasions due to violations of the time-zone rule.

Administration Decision.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the three Army of Club Penguin leaders (Triumvirate), and Laçoiste, Elite Guardians leader to learn more about what caused their declarations:

What were the circumstances that led to your declaration/invasions?

Triumvirate:  What were the circumstances that led to this declaration/invasions? SWAT became the target of our declaration because we were hungry for blood and SWAT happened to be the perfect choice. Not only do we have recent beef with SWAT who has been marked as an enemy, but we also wanted a proper rematch against SWAT without the aid of DV or TCP making this strictly a fair 1v1 fight. The rest is history.

Laçoiste: All invasions are motivated by land ambitions, so that is pretty much our reason. We were after Kilimanjaro ever since the POM Incident.

How do you plan to make your army emerge victorious in this conflict?

Triumvirate: How do you plan to make your army emerge victorious in this conflict? We already have and we always will emerge victorious as we strike fear into all our enemies that oppose us. This is why IW ran from us, this is why DV ran from us, and this is way SWAT ran from us.

Laçoiste: By training the troops, myself and all the other leaders.

How confident are you, that your army would claim the victory, and why?

Triumvirate: ACP and SWAT have a long history but recently ACP has been dominant within the Top Tens and while we did not proceed to the Ausia Arena finals, we made our mark in that tournament from the very first battle and gave each and every army the fight of their lives. So, it’s because of this and the amazing team that we have at ACP, that ACP are well equipped to handle SWAT and their weapons and tactics. We have a good team that works together on all sides so if one person falls, we will be there to catch them and we will get back up with 2x the strength to knock them down even harder. We do not run away from fights, we will achieve our goal, we are not giving out false promises or missions to our troops, we are fighting with and for our troops and the army. Fight with dignity, fight with honour, the clovers are on the rise so SWAT’s a goner.

Laçoiste: Confidence is showed by actions, not by talk. Our answer will be given in the battlegound.

Do you have any message you want to convey to your opponents?

Triumvirate: We will triumph. We will outperform you, exceeding all expectations. I challenge you to bring your A-game, we are ready to unleash everything we have, but if you are unable to do that, then give up.

Laçoiste: All I can hope is for them to show up and have a nice battle, there is no fun in trying to score goals with no goalkeepers.

Do you have anything to add?

Triumvirate: No.

Laçoiste: Nothing really, it’s just a simple matter of invasion.

Approximately 40 hours after Elite Guardians scheduled their invasions, Legoman, the SWAT leader, released a statement addressing the new war his army found itself in. In the post, he explained the reasons why SWAT would not be participating in the conflict, one of them being their involvement with the Sapphire Concordat. Legoman also assured everyone that the time would come for the Agents to once again engage in a war with ACP, and potentially EGCP as well. However, for the time being, Special Weapons and Tactics withdrew from the servers’ map. They can also be subjected to a force treaty by the Army of Club Penguin.

To gain further insight into Legoman’s plans, we conducted an interview with him:

Are you planning to return to the map in the future, and if so, under what circumstances?

Yeah we are down to return to the map – the point of withdrawing is to focus on our current conflict instead of burning ourselves out. We are already supporting all other signatories in the conflict so we have upwards of 2/3 events a day which is already too much.

How do you expect the Blood Barrage war to unfold, and how long do you think it will last?

I expect Bloodbath Barrage to continue for a few weeks, neither side seems to be losing motivation.

Regarding the future, are you planning to engage in a battle against both ACP and EGCP individually, or will it evolve into an alliance war with Sapphire Concordat on one side?

I’d like 1v1 wars with both eventually. They are both formidable armies and would be awesome summer conflicts.

The War of Unfinished Business witnessed a series of rapidly unfolding events, culminating in SWAT’s decision to withdraw from the server map. This, as Lego mentioned, is to focus on SWAT’s current allied war against Dark Vikings. A war against ACP or EGCP is still on the cards though, being possible conflicts sometime during the summer. How do you think these wars will pan out? 

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