War Update: The Sapphire Concordat On The March

A week has passed since Special Weapons and Tactics and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on Dark Vikings. Not long after the war declaration, Napalm Corps, Dark Pirates, and Penguins of Madagascar joined the war alongside SWAT and PIC. This surprising turn of events led to several consecutive server invasions against Dark Vikings, many of which the latter declined to attend.

On May 23rd, one day after Special Weapons and Tactics and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on Dark Vikings, Napalm Corps announced their invasion, set to happen on May 30th. Dark Pirates followed the next day, scheduling their invasion for May 25th. Napalm Corps and Dark Pirates each published short posts announcing their joining the Bloodbath Barrage, which included the war terms:

The three armies that declared war later chose abide by SWAT and PIC’s original terms. Shortly afterwards, on the 25th, Penguins of Madagascar declared war on Dark Vikings as well, citing that “Penguins of Madagascar cannot stand by what Dark Vikings have done and said.” The declarations were immediately followed by invasions, all but two of which Dark Vikings failed to attend and defend against.

The first invasion that Dark Vikings attended was their own against PIC, which took place on the 26th. However, it resulted in an overtime win for their opponents. Three days later, Dark Vikings showed up to another battle, this time in response to SWAT’s challenge. Unfortunately, the Vikings lost all three rooms. The outlook for the Dark Vikings is becoming grim as they refuse to acknowledge the threat posed against them. Out of the six invasions that happened so far, four of them were ignored, while seven more has already been scheduled.

Dark Vikings’ first invasion

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Cabin, Tide, and Sweater, leaders of Napalm Corps, Dark Pirates, and Penguins of Madagascar, respectively, for comment regarding the war:

This happens to be a landless war. How do you and your army plan to go about with the same?

Cabin: We will schedule battles through CPAJ.
Tide: I’m not sure what you mean by that can you rephrase it or elaborate on it.
Sweater: I suppose we will need to just schedule invasions and hope they show, but if they stand by their pathetic actions they should have no problems entering the battlefield.

What do you aim to achieve out of the Bloodbath Barrage?

Cabin: I aim to provide the necessary support to destroy the Dark Vikings.
Tide: We’re trying to show that the Dark Pirates are a force to be reckoned with, but we’re also just helping out our allies.
Sweater: We are hoping to show Dark Vikings that despite being bigger than us, justice always wins.

What are the steps you are taking to ensure that you emerge victorious?

Cabin: Hyping the war among my staff and troops.
Tide: We’re recruiting more people to ensure that we are victorious in this war.
Sweater: We will be increasing our recruiting and mentoring and having both of these perform at maximum efficiency. We will also be assisting our friends in their own fights to ensure clear victory.

How do you think your army will perform in this war?

Cabin: I believe we will perform well, especially with the help of our alliance.
Tide: Judging from our last invasion where we maxed like 18 I’d say we’re going to do pretty well.
Sweater: It is hard to say. POM seems to thrive in war – but that was under a different leadership. We are, admittedly, still figuring things out with me at the helm but so far I am really proud of how far we have come as a team. I’d like to think we will outdo ourselves here!

Would you like to say anything to the opposition?

Cabin: Get good.
Tide: Viva la Dark Pirates.
Sweater: To the Dark Vikings soldiers: by staying in your army you are showing your support for an awful megalomaniac that despises certain people just for being themselves. The only way you can fix this is by leaving Dark Vikings and standing up for what is right.

The ante has been upped, with Dark Vikings facing not only two but five armies. However, they seem to be refusing to even try and defend themselves. Will Dark Vikings pick themselves up and make a brave stand? Or will they succumb to the pressure and lose the war in a landslide?

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