AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Championship Finals Predictions

The Championship Finals of the most exhilarating AUSIA tournament in recent memory are upon us. Over the past month, twelve armies fiercely fought for the title. Now, the stage is set, the tension is palpable, and both armies are preparing to unleash their AUSIA power upon the battlefield. Hold onto your seats, as we witness history in the making!

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The community is in for a treat, as the Water Vikings and the Help Force clash in a monumental battle that will go down in history. Both armies are powerhouses who prove their worth, winning all of their battles in this tournament. Help Force has displayed unparalleled dominance in the AUSIA time zone for the past few years. However, we cannot overlook the Vikings, who truly displayed incredible resilience and strength throughout this tournament.

Championship Finals seedings

The seedings of the tournament

Road To The Championship Finals

The Help Force kicked off their campaign with an explosive max of 30 in their first round battle against the Penguins of Madagascar. However, hit hard by a twist of fate, they suffered a size drop maxing only 20+ against the Napalm Corps in round two. Just when doubts started to linger, the Help Force unleashed their true potential in their most recent battle against the Army of Club Penguin. They emerged stronger than ever, mustering a massive force of 40+ soldiers. A statement of intent from the Help Force, reminding us all that they are still very much in this tournament. The fluctuations in their sizes only added to the intrigue and uncertainty surrounding their journey.

Help Force fighting Army of Club Penguin

Help Force versus Army of Club Penguin in Group Stage Three

Meanwhile, the Water Vikings are a force that sailed a trail of triumph in this tournament. In their opening battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation, the Water Vikings displayed their mettle, reaching an impressive size of 28+. But that was just the beginning of their remarkable ascent. In their second round, they faced the Dark Vikings and witnessed a surge in their ranks, breaking their own AUSIA size record with an astounding 36+ soldiers. The Water Vikings were sailing with a favorable wind, and they weren’t about to slow down. True to their relentless pursuit of victory, the Water Vikings continued their march forward in their most recent battle. The Vikings shattered their own record yet again, maxing a staggering 38+ soldiers against the Special Weapons And Tactics.

Water Vikings vs SWAT

Water Vikings versus SWAT in Group Stage Three

The Historical Rivals

The two titans are no strangers to each other on the battlefield. Over the past three years, the two titans have clashed multiple in times on platforms like Legends Cup XI, Fright or Fight in 2020, Christmas Chaos XI, keeping us entertained with their fierce battles. However, their battle history doesn’t end there. While the Help Force has a better win history in recent years against the Water Vikings, the Water Vikings are a historic army with several major army tournament wins in their trophy cabinet.

Outside of tournaments, the two armies also found themselves on opposite sides of the infamous World War VIII. While the Vikings spearheaded the Western Bloc‘s skirmishes, the Help Force were the initiators of the Project: Vengeance alliance. However, the two armies put aside their past differences and are currently allied with each other.

A hard choice lies ahead.

The track records of these two armies are too similar to call one army better than the other. They’ve both tasted victory, experienced defeat, and left an indelible mark on the landscape. It’s a testament to their skill, resilience, and unwavering passion for the game. And with such evenly matched records, predicting the outcome of this battle is as challenging as it gets. So without further ado, let us turn to the members of our community to see what they predict for the Championship Finals.

Water Vikings vs Help Force

Edu14463, Elite Guardians Creator – Help Force [2-1-0]
I must say that this battle is going to be pretty tough, since both armies’ AUSIA divisions are great. However, considering HF’s most recent performance, reaching amazing sizes and beating ACP, I think they have gotten high chances of taking this championship. WV could manage to give them a challenging battle. It is going to be a fantastic final

Link3000, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader, Top Ten Committee Daddy Head – Water Vikings [2-1-1]

Coolguy, CPA Editor in Chief – Water Vikings [2-1-1]
I think the battle will be the closest of the tournament thus far. Both armies are finding some form in this tournament and you’ve got a powerful ausia army versus an army that revived earlier in the year but has remained one of the top armies since. Both armies will be fighting for the trophy, both have something to prove and both will be maxing high, most likely very similarly too. I think that both armies will obtain a room and I could very well see this going into overtime. Therefore, this could go either way. However, I believe it will be [2-1-1] to WV. However, as I said, it could quite literally go either way

Crazzy, CPA Advisor – Water Vikings [2-1-1]

Mare, Head Judge – Help Force [2-1-1]

Nicky, Templars Leader – Help Force [1-3-0]
This battle will be very close. Both armies are very well trained and experienced, but I think HF will take a very narrow victory as I feel like they are better trained than WV and HF is known for a very strong AUSIA

Calgocubs21, Army of Club Penguin Leader – Help Force [3-0]

DMT, CPA Advisor – Help Force [2-0-1]
HF has a lot of momentum going into this final after a tremendous victory over ACP, where they maxed 40. I rate WV highly on their tactical consistency, but I think the size difference will be too much to overcome for them.

Mchappy, CPA Executive Producer – Help Force [2-1-1]
This is bound to be one of the most exciting Grand Finals in quite a while. Coming off the success of their last battle, I think the Helpers are bound for a trophy. However, the Water Vikings have been on a tremendous rise throughout the tournament as well, improving their size with each battle. I think this will come down to the last seconds in an overtime room. My guess is that the Help Force feel an amount of pressure on themselves to perform well since they did not make it to the Grand Finals of the Winter Edition.

Scorp, CPA Editor in Chief – Water Vikings [2-0-1]

Dino, Water Vikings Leader – Water Vikings [2-1-1]

There we have it, the predictions of the community do not seem to clearly favor any particular side. However, as we have seen before, the records of these two armies indicate that this battle will be a nail-biting, heart-stopping affair. This is what a tournament final should be—a showdown between two equally matched powerhouses, leaving size aside and relying solely on their skill, experience, and dogged refusal to give up on victory. It will certainly be very exciting to see how this tournament ends this weekend.

Battles like these that remind us why we love tournaments. The thrill of the unknown, the clash of equals, and the sheer excitement of witnessing these gaming titans go head-to-head. This weekend, an AUSIA legend will be born, and only one of these two contenders will be able to claim the title. Make sure to tune in to our Discord server for the livestream, this is not a battle to be missed.

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