AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Group Stage Week 3 Results

The past weekend has marked the conclusion of the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition group stage. A myriad of intriguing results have led to two exceptional armies proceeding to the grand finals.

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Successive to the previous week, four more matches took place over May 20th and 21st in order to finalize the standings of each group. Two battles caught the eyes of many onlookers. The Help Force were scheduled to face the Army of Club Penguin, with Special Weapons and Tactics clashing against the Water Vikings. Each army held two wins to their names, developing a high level of anticipation consequentially. Armies with two losses found themselves feuding with one another. Such battles included the People’s Imperial Confederation versing Dark Vikings, as well as a confrontation between Napalm Corps and the Penguins of Madagascar. Most of the round had conflicting predictions, resulting in outcomes that defied the expectations of some.

Napalm Corps vs. Penguins of Madagascar

The first match to take stage on Saturday was a clash between the Napalm Corps and the Penguins of Madagascar. Each army boasted similar max sizes, although the Corps were narrowly bested by two penguins. In spite of immense efforts from Napalm Corps, the Penguins managed to secure two room wins due to their impressive speed and size. Though third room resulted in a tie as a result of size drops, the battle concluded with a 2-0-1 victory for Penguins of Madagascar.

Winner – Penguins of Madagascar

Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

Two titans met on the battlefield to conclude Saturday, namely the Help Force and Army of Club Penguin. Both sides exerted significant strength in numbers, with Help Force outnumbering the Clovers by 10 troops. The speed, size and tactics of the Helpers culminated in a 3-0-0 victory. Despite a strong showing from the Army of Club Penguin and numerous close rooms, Help Force have managed to go undefeated within the Shadow Block.

Winner – Help Force

Dark Vikings vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The final day of the group stage ensued with a matchup between the Dark Vikings and People’s Imperial Confederation. Though the Vikings consistently outmatched the Confederation in size, the battle lasted a challenging hour with two overtime rooms. Dark Vikings capitalized on their size and speed in the first room, with PIC later gaining an advantage in speed and tactical creativity. The Confeds managed to secure the second overtime round, culminating in a 2-1-2 win.

Winner – People’s Imperial Confederation

Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

Sunday came to a close with the Water Vikings taking on Special Weapons and Tactics. Battling to take the lead within the Magenta Block group, Water Vikings managed to astound spectators after amassing 38 penguins, contrasting with SWAT’s significantly smaller showing. The Agents continued to fight regardless of the disadvantage, but the strength of the Vikings seemed too much to overcome. A 3-0-0 result has led the Water Vikings to top the Magenta Block without dropping a single room.

Winner – Water Vikings


In resolution, the final scores for the AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition group stage are as follows:

Designed by Dino

The group stage of AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition has come to an end, culminating in three battle wins for the Help Force and Water Vikings. After being defeated in their respective matchups, Special Weapons and Tactics and the Army of Club Penguin finish the tournament with two wins and one loss. The Penguins of Madagascar and People’s Imperial Confederation secured victories, resulting in scores of one win and two defeats. Lastly, the Napalm Corps and Dark Vikings could not obtain any wins throughout the group stage. The stage is set for the grand finals with Water Vikings and Help Force championing their respective groups. Who will find themselves taking the AUSIA Arena trophy? We wish the best of luck to the tournament finalists.

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