AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Group Stage Week 3 Predictions

With the Week 2 battles getting over last week, we are almost heading toward the Grand Finals of this tournament. This week is going to decide which two armies will be making it to the final round. Let us take a look at what the community has predicted regarding the upcoming battles.

We are already halfway through the tournament, as last week had the Group Stage Week 2 battles take place. This week, Week 3, will witness the last of the Group Stage battles, as the eight armies once again will step onto the battleground to battle the remaining army in their respective block. All of the four armies that emerged victorious last week saw a 3-0 win against their opponents. This weekend might witness some close battles, which will further be the deciding factor in ensuring which army makes it to the finals.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to a few community members to know their thoughts on the upcoming battles.

Napalm Corps vs. Penguins of Madagascar 

Group Stage Week 3’s first battle will take place this Saturday between the Napalm Corps and the Penguins of Madagascar. Both armies are S/M powerhouses on the rise within the community, having a strong US division. While this is Napalm Corps’ first tournament after their reopening – they have put in a lot of effort and have faired well in the last two battles despite their size. Penguins of Madagascar, on the other hand, have held a few AUSIA events before, and have maintained steady progress and activity throughout their inception. The Penguins of Madagascar seem to be the stronger army here but given the hard work and incredible efforts Napalm Corps is putting in, it is quite possible for this to be anyone’s victory.

Penguins of Madagascar in a recent practice battle against the Dark Vikings

Crazzy, CPA Advisor:Penguins of Madagascar Victory (3-0-0).

Dawn, Templars Leader:Penguins of Madagascar Victory (2-1-0).
I think that POM will win because they’ve done well with fighting against armies that are within their range while NC maxes lower than POM during Ausia.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Penguins of Madagascar Victory (3-0-0).

Edu14463, Elites Guardians Advisor: Penguins of Madagascar Victory (2-1-0).
I believe this battle is going to be a tough one, since both armies aren’t showing a good performance throughout the tournament. However, since it is an AUSIA competition, POM would have more chances to win. Napalm Corps are primarily an US army, so they are going to have a slight disadvantage in this battle.

Gabi, RPF Second in Command: Napalm Corps Victory (2-1-0).
Both armies will be hungry for a win but I think Napalm Corps will probably find themselves in the stronger position. They’ve shown a lot of potential so far in the tournament but struggled due to a size advantage and the match up against POM should provide a strong opportunity. I can see Napalm Corps taking a win.

Scorp, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Penguins of Madagascar Victory (3-0-0).
POM has been steadily improving recently, both in terms of performance and size. While Napalm Corps is a great S/M army in its own right, POM currently looks set to overpower them.

Help Force vs. Army of Club Penguin

The second battle of Saturday is between the brother allies, the Help Force, and the Army of Club Penguin. Both of these major armies are strong contenders when it comes to AUSIA, with Help Force originally being an AUSIA army, and the AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin on a steady growth. While the Army of Club Penguin has maintained its position in the higher ranks of the Top Ten in the last week, Help Force has suffered a drastic blow dropping down 9 places in the list. This may or may not affect the Helpers in their upcoming battle, as it can always happen that they come back stronger from this. The community seems to predict that the battle can go either way. However, this will certainly be a close and intense battle to watch.

Army of Club Penguin in their battle with Penguins of Madagascar

Help Force in their battle against Napalm Corps

Crazzy, CPA Advisor: Army of Club Penguin Victory (2-1-0).

Dawn, Templars Leader: Help Force Victory (2-0-1).
Help Force has always been a strong ausia army, especially in tournaments and they never fail to surprise. While ACP has been performing well I think that HF has the edge with their creativity and speed.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Army of Club Penguin Victory (2-1-0).

Edu14463, Elites Guardians Advisor: Army of Club Penguin Victory (2-1-0).
Again, a tough battle. But now, it is because both armies have been showing an excellent performance. HF has an outstanding AUSIA division, and the same goes for ACP, nowadays. HF is surely going to pose as a strong opponent for ACP. The Helpers have chances to beat them, but I believe ACP will hold their ground this time.

Gabi, RPF Second in Command: Help Force Victory (1-2-0).
I think this will be a close battle with both armies winning their other battles 3-0-0 but I think Help Force could take a win in this one. They’re known for having a strong AUSIA and have had a strong presence in tournaments recently so I would imagine that they’ll be looking to make the most out of the tie.

Scorp, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Help Force Victory (2-1-1) [Overtime].
Help Force has always been an AUSIA powerhouse, with a history of defeating Army of Club Penguin in AUSIA times, as well as in the Aces of AUSIA finals too. However, the recent performances by ACP show promise of them being in the finals. This battle will be a really close one, so it’s bound to go in OT. HF has a bad history with overtime rooms so they will be looking to win, while ACP’s recent strength might just see them take another step towards reclaiming the glory of their og cp AUSIA division.

Dark Vikings vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The third battle of this week will witness the Dark Vikings and the People’s Imperial Confederation against each other. The Dark Vikings is mainly a UK/US army with a stable AUSIA division, while the People’s Imperial Confederation is known for its AUSIA. Given the last two battles, both armies have performed fairly decent, however, have been outnumbered by their opponents. If both armies max equal in size for this battle, it would be the speed, tactics, and creativity that would determine the winner of this battle. The community has predicted this battle to go either way as well, but only time will tell who will come out victorious in this one.

People’s Imperial Confederation in their battle against Special Weapons and Tactics


Dark Vikings in their battle against Penguins of Madagascar

Crazzy, CPA Advisor: People’s Imperial Confederation Victory (2-1-0).

Dawn, Templars Leader: Dark Vikings Victory (3-0-0).
While the Dark Vikings aren’t in their prime at all, they can beat PIC in a battle if they actually try.

DMT, CPA Advisor: People’s Imperial Confederation Victory (2-0-1).

Edu14463, Elites Guardians Advisor: People’s Imperial Confederation Victory (2-1-0).
PIC is known for its strong AUSIA, despite being called a small/medium army. They really have gotten the upper hand in this battle. However, if their size isn’t good enough, DV could compete on equal terms.

Gabi, RPF Second in Command: Dark Vikings Victory (3-0-0).
Dark Vikings Dark Vikings did well against SWAT and I can see the same being true against the People’s Imperial Confederation. PIC has yet to win a room yet and I think this match-up could result in the same, with DV likely being eager to show their strength again after being given S/M status again. I can see DV taking this win.

Scorp, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Dark Vikings Victory (2-1-0).
PIC is known for its AUSIA community, however, DV is simply larger than them despite the recent slump in their performance.

Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics 

The final battle of this week is between two of the major armies, the Special Weapons and Tactics, and the Water Vikings. Both the Agents and the Vikings have been quite consistent with their performance throughout this tournament. The Water Vikings currently have a strong AUSIA division, and the Special Weapons and Tactics AUSIA division is certainly growing. It seems that the Water Vikings might have a slight edge over the Special Weapons and Tactics, for this battle, as the community has predicted it to be. However, there is still a possibility that this battle could be won by either of the two armies.

Water Vikings in their battle against Dark Vikings

Crazzy, CPA Advisor: Water Vikings Victory (3-0-0).

Dawn, Templars Leader: Water Vikings Victory (2-1-0).
WV is very good at battles during ausia and swat typically has AFK people which makes their forms sloppy. I think that WV will win because they’ve had better training and make use of their size well.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Water Vikings Victory (3-0-0).

Edu14463, Elites Guardians Advisor: Water Vikings Victory (3-0-0).
I believe the Water Vikings will surely win this round. Their sizes and tactics/formations have been perfect. They could easily manage to outstand SWAT, whose AUSIA isn’t so good in the overall performance. If they manage to pull their sizes, then they could grasp a chance to achieve victory.

Gabi, RPF Second in Command: Water Vikings Victory (2-1-0).
SWAT have found themselves in a lot of wars recently and as a result of it their troops should be looking sharp, however Water Vikings have been steadily growing their AUSIA and so far haven’t lost a room. I think SWAT will run the Water Vikings closer than their opponents so far but overall I think WV will take the battle

Scorp, CPA Editor-in-Chief: Water Vikings Victory (3-0-0).
The Water Vikings have demonstrated quite impressively why they are the top contenders for the title so far, and there’s no question that they will repeat their performances in their next battle.

This week will certainly be an interesting week to witness, and from the Club Penguin Armies, we would like to wish all eight armies the very best. Will the battles go according to the community’s predictions, or will there be a twist in the tale? Which of the two armies will make it to the Grand Final round? 


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