Logical steps down as a Leader, POM drops all land!

Following a couple of weeks of inactivity, Logical announced his retirement from the Penguins Of Madagascar. The negative effects of his retirement can be seen on the Penguins already, as they dropped all of their land on the server map.

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Logical, who previously served as a commander for the Special Weapons and Tactics, created the Penguins of Madagascar alongside Ryebread in late January. Under his leadership, the Penguins have performed well, participating in wars but also achieving fifth place in the Top Tens in early May. The Penguins also participated in the March Madness, where they were eliminated in the ‘Quarter Finals’. They are currently participating in the AUSIA Arena, however, they have not won a battle to date. Despite this, they have been one to watch, challenging even the best armies with their tactics and speed.

POM in a their most recent Ausia Arena battle

Following a few weeks of inactivity, Logical decided to call an end to his army career to focus on achieving his goals in real life. He announced his retirement to the troops on May 5, through their Discord server. The performance of the army has decreased in the past few weeks. Most recently, the Penguins had an event, where they maxed two, before cancelling the event. Will this be the start of the end of the Penguins of Madagascar?

Logical announcing his retirement in the POM server

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Logical to learn more about what caused his retirement.

What were the circumstances that led to your retirement?

I got a wife to support as well as focused on mental and physical health

How do you think will the Penguins do after your retirement?

its up to current leadership rn i hope they do well but only time will tell

Were you able to achieve all your goals as a Leader?

No, but then i realized why does it matter. I was able to build a great community in POM and made many friends along the way and had fun doing it.

Could we expect to see you returning to the battlefield again in the future?

prob not ill just be creator/advisor for POM at best, unless covid 2.0 happens

Do you have anything to add?


Following the interview, we can understand that Logical has no plans of returning back to armies, and plans to stay as an advisor for POM. He shows trust in the current leadership and hopes for them to attain success. We would like to wish Logical good luck in his future endeavors outside of Club Penguin.

Despite Logical wishing them well, the Penguin’s condition worsened when numerous armies such as Elite Guardians and Special Weapons And Tactics decided to invade their land. However, the invasion from the Guardians was deemed invalid, and the agents didn’t lock their invasion. This allowed the Penguins of Madagascar to transfer their servers to the Templars of Club Penguin.

Elite Guardians and SWAT announcing their invasions

The ex-POM leader, Logical, was glad to be “free” following the server transfers, however, this excitement did not last long. The Templars’ leadership decided to decline the server transfer. Following this, the agents declared another invasion on the Penguins. The Penguins were only left with two options. Either fight with the agents or surrender.

POM transferring their servers to Templars; Templars rejecting the transfer request

The leaders took the decision of giving up all of their servers, making them freeland. This resulted in numerous armies scheduling freeland invasions to take up the land. The armies include Templars, Special Weapons, Elite Guardians, and People’s Imperial Confederation. They also surrendered the land of Kilimanjaro to SWAT.

POM surrendering Kilimanjaro, and giving up on all their servers as freeland

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Sweater, POM Leader, to learn more about why they decided to abandon their servers.

What led to you making the decision to give out all of POM’s servers as freeland?

I was going to bring up exiting the map to the others so that we could focus up on ourselves and not have the added stress of a potential invasion. An invasion was scheduled and my plans had to accelerate.

Will we see POM back on the map anytime in the future?

When I feel more confident in our ability to defend ourselves, certainly.

Do you think Logical’s retirement is going to leave a negative impact on the army?

Of course. He’s one of the creators and it’s always tough waving goodbye to a day 1 leader.

How do you plan to bring things back on track?

These leaders are leading like children and they actually really consider the emotions of their worthless enemies. They are not lions like me they are not ready to take a persons soul. I am and I am fully intending to demonstrate live action what this community is supposed to look like and how we are supposed to use our energy and our emotions to make our armies better. There is no limit on hate speech for me, there is no limit on invasions for me, there is no consideration of how people feel for me. There is just bloody war until my enemy is smashed into the ground dead but not before they watch everything they love burn. ACP that is what is going to happen to you so get ready for that because no matter how long it takes for me to make this your reality believe me its coming.

From the interview with Sweater, we can determine that he expects to get the Penguins, slowly, back on track. He also desires to make the army strong and fight with huge armies, calling out the Army of Club Penguin. Is this a sign of a future war? We wish the Penguins of Madagascar the best of luck in their future endeavors. Do you think the Penguins will be able to recover from this blow? Do you think the Penguins will return to the Map? Will the Penguins be able to accomplish their dreams?

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