Elite Guardians Begin BASEDment Demons Offensive

The newly revived Elite Guardians have launched their presence on the CP Armies map, following newly scheduled invasions against BASEDment Demons. Initiated without an official declaration of war, what can we expect from their new offensive?

In a move that stunned many onlookers, Elite Guardians leader Lass announced on May 10th the invasions of Down Under and Underground Ruins, both of which belong to the meme army BASEDment Demons. The invasions, proclaimed in the absence of war terms, indicate that the primary motivation for the Guardians is to establish residence on the CP Armies map. Though the flashpoint may appear to be a steep task for the Demons to overcome, having not hosted an event since April, questions regarding the outcome of the conflict are yet to be answered. Despite the distinguished reputation of past Elite Guardians generations, neither side have demonstrated their strength on the battlefield thus far. Both armies have begun preparations for the battles, with the first clash set to take place on May 15th.

Elite Guardians announcing their invasions of BASEDment Demons on May 10th

The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (EGCP), founded by Edu14463 and Cookky2 on October 19th, 2017, have garnered fame as one of the most prolific CPPS armies of all time. Maintaining intense sturdiness as a cornerstone of the early CPPS era, the Guardians consistently rivalled the Rebel Penguin Federation and Templars. Their vigor culminated in victory at the Christmas Chaos tournament in 2017, repeating significant displays of strength at subsequent tournaments. Announcing their revival on May 2nd, the Portuguese-speaking army reached a troop count of 32 at their re-opening event. With expectations set high, the Guardians are likely to become a mainstay of the army community once more.

May 10th, 2023: Elite Guardians Speed Training

Established on April 16th, 2023 under the leadership of Scorpion Demon, Sanya, Aaronstone, and Diwix, the BASEDment Demons have gained notoriety as a meme army. Meme armies generally follow a trend of maintaining a loose structure without immense goals or ambitions. The Demons are no exception to this standard. In spite of this, the small/medium army managed to secure a maximum troop count of 14 for their opening event, followed by several successful invasions on the server map. In the wake of EGCP’s expansion, the army quietly insinuated their closure before rescinding the announcement. Though their future remains uncertain, the Demons seem to be preparing for the coming battles.

April 18th, 2023: BASEDment Demons Opening Event

With the invasions nearing the horizon, Club Penguin Armies reached out to each army an attempt to discern the opposing perspectives. We first spoke with Demon King Scorp about the task ahead of his army.

The invasions scheduled by Elite Guardians came as a surprise to many. What was your initial reaction?

After much deliberation with the leaders, I finally have the answer to the first question ready for you.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNr_JcJitO8[/embedyt]

BASEDment Demons, having escaped Wynn’s treacherous basement, is known for its meme army status. Will the Demons maintain this reputation or adopt a serious composure?

We are neither a meme, nor an army. It’s just a group of visitors gathered under detestable circumstances. We can blame Wynn, Aaronstone, Elp and Calgo for that. As long as the name of the server is BASEDment Demons, there will never be anything serious about the BASEDment Demons.

In the event of EGCP being successful at their invasions, would the Demons seek to begin a counter-offensive?

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkJOOAuQhYo[/embedyt]

Nah, just kidding. We do not seek to begin a counter-offensive. We did not plan on attending any battles either, but EGCP requested us to attend so both sides can have some fun, and I’m always happy to help out wherever we can! We don’t really care about the servers.

Now that the army’s shutdown has been averted, what are your plans for the future of BASEDment Demons?

Unfortunately, yes, the shutdown has been averted. O Campeão voltou. So for now we must summon our demons and fight back against these “Guardians” aiming to send us back to the confinement of the horrible basements. There is no plan for the future of the BASEDment Demons, there is only the BASEDment FIGHT that we must fight in order to liberate the masses from the dungeons, and the upcoming rebrand of the army into Based Discussions Surrounding Mathematics.
It is clear from Scorp’s responses that the BASEDment Demons desire to contest the invasions scheduled by the Guardians. Though the army originally intented to disband, a request from EGCP to attend the battles seems to have prompted the army’s continuation. Scorp also indicated that he wishes to rebrand the army as the Based Discussions Surrounding Mathematics, an announcement which is sure to leave many basement-dwellers flabbergasted.

In addition, Elite Guardians leader Lass shared his thoughts on the army’s new offensive.

The invasions scheduled by Elite Guardians were surprising to many. What are your reasons for the BASEDment Demons invasions?

EGCP will invade the BASEDment Demons for the sole purpose of our territorial expasion, that is the reason for all invasions after all, no hard feelings. The BASEDment Demons territory is like currency that is not in circulation. That is not according to me, but according to themselves. I spoke with their leader for them to show up to have a fun battle instead of just transfering their lands to us. In the end, all that matters is to both parties to have fun in the fray.

How do you feel about the performance of the Guardians so far? Have your results met expectations?

Our performance is growing with each event, the leadership is finding their way of teamwork, tactical order and formation conscience. Also our new and old soldiers have been learning or relearning nicely, with a few blunders, but with a straight head for the future.

EGCP has demonstrated great strength following the revival. What are your predictions for the coming battles?

We need to train to be decisive in each battle, in the next few days we will be initiating battle training events, to get everyone used to EGCP’s power in the CPA, for both our men and our opponents. We have made a lot of events concentrating on our own exhibition, now we want to concentrate further in engraving in our soldiers heads a mentality of battling in the CPA community, inside the CPA rules. In short, we have to work further in our battle capabilities to be succesful in the long run.

If your invasions are successful, EGCP will finally have servers on the map. Will you be looking to expand further?

Absolutely. I believe that if we aren’t in the map and take territories, our returnal would be to no avail.

Lass seems to reinforce the confident composure exuded in past generations of the Guardians. As indicated in his responses, future expansion of EGCP’s empire is within the realms of possibility. As suspected by many, conquest serves as the sole motive for their invasions. A yearning for conflict seems to prompt questions regarding EGCP’s future territorial ambitions.

In spite of community predictions, BASEDment Demons are determined to face the Elite Guardians on May 15th. The Elite Guardians, poised to reach major army status, seem eager to make their community presence known. The Demons have indicated they will not begin an offensive of their own. Will they manage to upset the Guardians at the coming invasions? Will Elite Guardians garner continued success? The fate of this new conflict is yet to be determined.

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