Top 5 Moments of April 2023

April like any of the previous months this year, has left its impact on the army community. With a tournament commencing, changes in leadership, retirements, and a lot of ongoing wars within the community, the month has been a witness to multiple happenings.

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Like how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments’ of April 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Templars celebrate their 5th anniversary

Written by: Coolguy 

Created by Xing in 2018, the Templars of Club Penguin recently celebrated their fifth anniversary. From being a new, upcoming army to becoming a mainstay major army within the community, the Templars have been rampant across all of the community. The fifth anniversary saw them battle multiple armies in order to truly celebrate the occasion the Templar way, with battles. They have been no stranger to battles and wars and have participated in many already this year, fighting against the Special Weapons And Tactics army twice and also Magma Clan. Their anniversary battle against Water Vikings saw them max 47 penguins, a massive amount for the army. This contributed to them celebrating their anniversary with the top spot on the Top Tens and also being the number one army of the month. What do the Templars have in store for the rest of the year? Will they go on to survive for another five years?

Templars’ 5th Anniversary

4. Rebel Penguin Federation crowned March Madness VIII Champion

Written by: Spinister

The Rebel Penguin Federation began its campaign directly advancing to the Quarter Finals as a result of placing third in the seedings. They battled the Army of Club Penguin in a close encounter on 18th March. The Rebels won this battle in overtime, following which the Clovers requested a review of the battle, however, the Head Judges decided to uphold the initial verdict. Therefore, the Rebels advanced to the Semi-Finals, where they fought against the Dark Vikings. The Rebels won two rooms, with the Vikings only securing a tie in the last room before they were disqualified from the tournament due to inappropriate tactics. Following this win, they successfully claimed their spot in the Finals. The Rebels then battled the Help Force in an attempt to claim the trophy. The battle was very close, however, the Rebel Penguin Federation retained a significant size advantage throughout the battle and was successful in claiming victory in the first and the third room, with the Help Force managing to secure a Tie in the second room. As a result of this, the Rebel Penguin Federation successfully turned out to be victorious and claimed the title of March Madness 2023 champions.

March Madness VIII – Champions Trophy

3. SWAT and Templars declare war on each other simultaneously

Written by: Sidie9

Neither the Special Weapons and Tactics army nor the Templars are strangers to one another on the battlefield. Numerous conflicts have taken place between them in recent years, with the month of April serving as no exception. Their escapades began with seemingly simultaneous declarations of war from both armies on April 13th, leading to controversy regarding which set of war terms would be followed. Disputing narratives were conveyed by each side. The Agents alleged that the Crusaders had edited the war terms to prevent the usage of allies, which was later refuted by the Templars’ leadership. Further evidence led to a consensus that the declaration and war terms set by the Templars were indeed valid. Nine days of battles ensued, in which both armies seemingly held their ground. The conflict saw its conclusion on the 23rd following a mutual agreement in the “Treaty of the Neo Crusade”. A final war score of 8-1-6 saw Templars coming out ahead of SWAT, with both armies agreeing to numerous server transfers and a non-aggression pact lasting until June.

Treaty of the Neo Crusade, signed by SWAT and Templars

2. AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition Commences

Written by: Sidie9

Armies across the community began preparations this month following the newly announced AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition tournament. After extensive planning and preparation, the Club Penguin Armies administration revealed the event publicly with a post on the 17th of April. The tournament consists of a group stage format, a setting rarely seen in larger scale tournaments. The Shadow Block and Magenta Block, each made up of four armies, are set to begin battling on May 6th. A qualifier round was arranged due to the number of armies participating, with the Napalm Corps and People’s Imperial Confederation progressing to the next stage following a set of anti-climactic showdowns. Only time will tell which two armies will make it to the grand final. Which will take home the prestigious trophy?

Official graphic for AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition

1. Disha and Mchappy Inducted Administrators; Max Departs from the Temporary Post

Written by: Wynn

On April 23, the changes to the administration team were announced by Wynn. Disha and Mchappy, as the long-serving Editors in Chief, stepped up to take the newly created rank – Executive Producer. The new role is a secondary admin position, that allows affiliated persons ranked LIT/2ic and below. Both Disha and Mchappy have immense media experience and were the core members of Club Penguin Armies for months, becoming the obvious choice for the promotion as the people who know the organization best. Following the launch of this new administration, Max’s temporary adminship came to an end. After a month of supporting the team, he took the advisor position to continue helping the organization. Moreover, the administration also announced its sustainable plan for the future.

Announcement for changes in CPA Administration

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what May shall hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in April for you, and why are they so? 

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