HCOM Life Stories: Cracked from Rebel Penguin Federation

Welcome to the fifth edition of the column, The Life Stories of Higher Command Members of Armies. In this post, we shall be getting to know Cracked, who is currently a Second in Command in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Having been with the Rebels ever since he joined the army community, he puts forward an exemplary example of loyalty and allegiance.

Cracked joined the army community on June 14, 2020, after he was recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation. His very first event in the army was an Igloo Raid, which according to him, “was fun despite me not knowing what to do at all and just messing around…” Ever since then, he decided to remain in the army and worked his way up through the ranks by attending events regularly and being active in the server.

Cracked’s first event in the army – Igloo Raid

After four months, he received the role of Officer Cadet (Staff in Training), and eventually, was welcomed into the staff team of the army in December 2020. He held the position of Officer for almost a year, before getting promoted to Third in Command in November 2021. With the passing of 2021, in October 2022, Cracked was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Army as an “RPF Rebel” for all his hard work, and “for his extreme diligence and dedication” towards the Rebel Penguin Federation. He is currently serving as a Second in Command in the army.

Cracked inducted as an RPF Rebel

We, at Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Cracked about his journey so far in the army, and how it feels to be a Higher Command. He not only reminisced about his time as a troop and staff within the army but was also kind enough to give us an interview.

Cracked: As for my experience, I can say that each rank, from troop to HCOM, has been a blast! I joined at a really intense time, I think it was the week leading up to LCX Semis, so that battle was really fun for me, but also very stressful. My first event was actually an Igloo Raid tho, which was fun despite me not knowing what to do at all and just messing around… but hey, I got some stamps, which is what I was promised when I was being recruited so good on me. The RPF Party Planning Committee (shoutout to the team) is always spicing things up, and their Rebel Spirit Week 2020 is one of the things that encouraged me to stick around, and I even made awesome friends then, even people who I still talk to to regularly or are staff currently. The Olympics (a week full of cp game tourneys with 4 teams) has always been awesome too, and all the teams I’ve been in were memorable, even if we don’t always win… My troop days were perhaps more hectic because of Covid and everyone joining. The community was (despite the irl circumstances) thriving and expanding every day, and I think the incredible sizes and that big sense of community helped a LOT when it came to keeping me invested in the army and club penguin.

As for my time as staff, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it at first, but the team has always been super welcoming, and I got closer to a lot of people I thought of as “intimidating” before and helped me open up more. I’ve never thought much about promotions, so seeing my name colored green on the ranks page whenever I got a promo was always a nice surprise. I really appreciate being able to work more on all the behind-the-scenes stuff, like the Olympics I mentioned before, but also the regular events we host every week. Also, of course, the usual tomfoolery going on in the not-so-secret staff channels. Actually, I doubt I would have stuck around for so long if I hadn’t got staff when I did, being staff really helped to keep the RPF experience fresh for me. If anyone is wondering about my future plans or if I’ll be going for Rebel Commander. it’s something I’ve not really thought about in detail yet, but I for one don’t see myself leading RPF anytime soon. Overall, I really don’t regret going for staff and spending these years in a penguin army (even if I’d never mention this to anyone irl) FTGF!

A recent RPF event led by Cracked

Now to come to his interview –

What have been some of the memorable days/times in your army career so far, if you don’t mind sharing?

I think the highlights for me have definitely been Olympics because everyone gets involved, there’s a great deal of team spirit, and the smaller teams also help newer troops open up more and start to get more active in chat. It’s an event that’s really fun for HCOM to plan out, and it’s also very enjoyable for troops. The games may be similar every time, but the Olympics has always been a fun experience for me.
Also very memorable for me, all the big tournaments we’ve won. It’s a lot of work when it comes to recruiting, hyping and of course, handling the battles themselves and the stress and panic that comes with them, but also very rewarding!

Has this journey from being a troop in the army to a member of the High Command changed you in any way as a person?

I would say my time in RPF has definitely impacted me as a person. For example, I have made many friends who I can speak to about anything, not just club penguin stuff. Also, I’d say meeting and interacting with so many different people every day has helped me to be more comfortable with different types of situations irl, as well. Learning how to moderate and recruit efficiently has also taught me to be more assertive and whatnot.

What is the best part about being an HCOM?

Planning events and special parties has to be the best thing! Seeing troops enjoy what I work on with my fellow HCOMs is very rewarding. The Olympics are a perfect example of this. It’s for sure really nice to have more freedom in the server and get involved more personally!

What are your plans personally with the army, and what do you wish to achieve for/in the army?

Having got to Second in Command is already an insane achievement for me, and I never even expected or planned to get this far. I suppose the only thing left is Rebel Commander, but I currently have no plans in regard to that and haven’t really discussed it.

What would your advice be to the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

Be yourself, attend events (and have fun during them), and enjoy every rank and every moment! While being staff and particularly HCOM is a nice feeling and gives you a bigger purpose in the army, working your way up the ranks and enjoying the “simpler” days is also lots of fun. So, think about the journey and not so much about the goal!


Throughout his time in the army, Cracked has not only proven his loyalty towards the Rebels but has put in the effort and worked extremely hard to get where he is today. We respect his work ethic, and cannot wait to see all that he is yet to do and achieve for himself and his army. From the whole of Club Penguin Armies, we wish Cracked and the Rebel Penguin Federation, the very best in all of their future endeavors.


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