Philosophy: Beyond the Legacy – Embracing Individual Identity

In the army community, legacies can be both empowering and burdensome. The nature of this community often intertwines individuals with the actions and reputation of the armies they are associated with. Rumors and allegations circulate, leaving a lasting impact on one’s legacy. However, it is vital to recognize that each person is more than their army and past. In this post, we will explore the significance of legacies in the army community and reflect upon the legacies that continue to haunt individuals.

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The Curse Of Legacy

The army community thrives on rumors and allegations, which can have a profound effect on an individual’s legacy. Allegations of troop stealing, multi-logging, and other malicious actions are just a few examples of rumors that can tarnish one’s reputation. Once associated with a particular army, these rumors tend to follow individuals, casting a shadow over their character. As a result, the army becomes the lens through which others perceive them, often disregarding their individual identity and personal growth.

While armies may contribute to shaping one’s legacy, it is crucial to remember that each person encompasses more than their affiliations. Human beings are complex, multifaceted individuals with unique experiences, aspirations, and personal growth. It is essential to encourage a perspective that goes beyond the army label, allowing individuals to define themselves outside the realm of rumors and allegations. By recognizing the intrinsic worth of each person, we can cultivate an environment that values personal growth and individuality. Sadly, it is easier to perpetuate the burdensome weight of a tainted legacy.

As individuals, we must confront the legacies that haunt us. It requires self-reflection, growth, and the willingness to challenge negative perceptions associated with our past affiliations. By taking responsibility for our actions and actively seeking personal development, we can redefine our legacies. Through honest communication and actions that align with integrity, we can showcase our growth. We can prove that we are not bound by the mistakes of the past or the rumors that accompany them. It is a continuous journey towards self-empowerment, resilience, and the creation of a legacy that reflects our true character.

Growing Up In Armies

Many of our current members of the community are in the later stages of being a teen or even in early adulthood. However, most of these people were not this old when they joined our community. Think about the opinions you had as a young teen, barely having ever associated with people out of your area of the world. You barely understood your own struggles, much less people from around the world. For a lot of us, this was one of our first introductions to a global community. Moreover, everyone had come from different communities and countries, all raised with different values and yet here we were coexisting.

Now, walk with me and use your imagination. Say you grew up in a country that was generally homophobic and you had never really met a transgender or even a gay person. Of course your first time meeting someone who identifies like this will be strange. Even if you try to be nice and understanding, you may come across as a bigot.

Now, a few years pass and you have grown into more of the person you want to be. You understand others around you. Out of nowhere, someone pulls out a screenshot of you saying something ignorant when you just joined. People are shocked and call you a bigot as you attempt to explain it was from a different time and you were young and dumb. Some people may accept this and move on, but now there are always going to be people who judge you and see you differently. 

You do not want to let your past opinions and actions haunt you, especially not ones from before you learned to think for yourself completely. Think about how you would genuinely respond to finding out someone in the community said horrible things about people due to their gender, race, sexuality, or ethnicity. Would you allow them to get a word in to explain themselves? Would the amount of time that has passed matter to you? Personally it is my belief that the time ago at which things occurred matters.

This counts for lesser evils like multilogging or troop stealing as well. We need to put things into perspective. To do that we need to consider people’s current actions, not the ones they committed years ago when they could have been younger or maybe in a bad place emotionally. We as a community need to learn to live and let live. While the drama of it all can be fun, we have to remember behind the screen every one of us is a complex human, who is going through an individual journey.

The Halo Or Horn Effect

Within social behavior, the halo and horns effect plays a significant role in how individuals perceive others. The halo effect occurs when a person’s positive attributes or achievements overshadow any negative aspects. This ends up leading to an overall positive perception, which may not have any reason behind it. Similarly, the horns effect arises when negative traits or actions overshadow the positive qualities of an individual. In the army community, these effects can shape how others view someone’s legacy, amplifying the impact of rumors and allegations. It is essential to recognize these biases and strive for a more balanced assessment of individuals. Some of the best background stories involved a person acknowledging that someone is capable of growth.

One aspect that contributes to a false halo effect is a person’s past track record of success. Significant past accomplishments or exceptional leadership skills in a previous army leads people to be seen in a more favorable light. One tends to overlook any potential flaws. However, it is crucial to avoid blindly attributing greatness based solely on past achievements. Unfortunately, a track record is hardly a guarantee of competence and integrity. The community must remain vigilant and ensure that individuals are evaluated based on their current actions and contributions.

Unfortunately, some individuals often exploit the halo effect to gain powerful positions within the community. Such people tend to refrain from putting in the necessary work or being genuinely dedicated. This misuse of reputation can lead to a detrimental impact on the community as a whole. Individuals relying solely on their perception may lack the skills, knowledge, or commitment required to effectively fulfill their roles. This can result in mismanagement, stagnation, or even division within the community. It is crucial for the community to be vigilant, scrutinizing individuals’ actions and ensuring that positions of power are earned through merit, genuine contributions, and dedication.

Overcoming The Rater Bias

On the other hand, individuals with a history marked by negative actions or a horns effect can still turn a new page and become a positive force within the community. People are capable of change and growth, and it is important to recognize this potential for transformation. When given the opportunity, individuals with a tarnished legacy can work towards redemption. They can make amends for past mistakes, and actively contribute to the betterment of the community. By offering support, guidance, and understanding, the community can provide a platform for individuals to embrace their potential, rebuild their reputation, and become a positive influence that the community needs.

The halo and horns effect greatly influences perception, amplifying the impact of rumors. It is vital to remain aware of these biases and strive for a balanced assessment of others. Recognizing the potential for growth and redemption is important for not just leaders but army members too. By avoiding blind reliance on past accomplishments and evaluating individuals based on their current actions, the community can foster a culture of integrity, accountability, and genuine contributions. Eventually, this will help in ensuring a more resilient and vibrant community for all.

In the army community, legacies can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. The rumors and allegations that circulate have the power to shape how others perceive us, overshadowing our individuality. However, it is crucial to remember that we are more than the armies we associate with or the rumors that follow us. We must acknowledge our personal growth and challenge negative perceptions. By actively shaping our own narratives, we can break free from haunting legacies. Embracing our individual identities and recognizing our inherent worth will lead to a community that values personal growth, understanding, and resilience.

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