AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Qualifiers Results

The qualifying round of AUSIA Arena Summer Edition has come to an end after four armies clashed over for spots in the group stage. Two armies managed to claim victory over the weekend and the tournament groups have been finalized.

With 10 armies participating in the Summer Edition of AUSIA Arena, 4 of the armies placing lowest in the seedings were matched for the wild card round. Magma Clan had been set to face the People’s Imperial Confederation on Saturday, followed by a battle between the Warlords of Kosmos and Napalm Corps. The winners of both matches find themselves present in the group stage, starting in the subsequent week. Two armies fought against absent foes, thus winning by default in a set of anti-climactic showdowns.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Magma Clan

Despite the Confederation’s presence at the battle, Magma Clan’s lack of attendance resulted in a leisurely victory. After a single room in the forest, the judges deemed that PIC would be joining the likes of Special Weapons and Tactics, Water Vikings, and Dark Vikings in the Magenta Block group.

Winner – People’s Imperial Confederation

Warlords of Kosmos vs. Napalm Corps

Although Warlords of Kosmos began to logging on for the battle, a last minute decision was made to cancel their attendance. Napalm Corps subsequently won the battle uncontested following one room at the beach. They will meet Penguins of Madagascar, the Army of Club Penguin and Help Force in the Shadow Block.

Winner – Napalm Corps

The wild card round has concluded, with the People’s Imperial Confederation and Napalm Corps moving into the group stage. Armies within the Magenta Block and Shadow Block will be battling amongst one another for a spot in the finals, starting next Saturday. Who will come out on top of their respective groups? Will there be any surprising upsets? We wish the best of luck to all of the armies aiming to claim victory over the coming weeks.

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