AUSIA Arena Summer Edition: Qualifiers Predictions

The Summer Edition of the AUSIA Arena is set to begin on April 29 with a total of ten participating armies. Several community members have begun making their predictions for the Qualifiers.

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AUSIA Arena: Summer Edition is scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 29. These battles determine which armies get a spot in the group-stage round.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Magma Clan

In the first battle of the tournament, the People’s Imperial Confederation will be up against Magma Clan. People’s Imperial Confederation is a consistent army that holds maxes ranging from seven to twelve over the past few weeks. They have been training hard for this upcoming tournament, and are known for their primarily AUSIA leaders. On the other hand, the Magma Clan has recently gotten out of a war with the Penguins of Madagascar where the Magma was able to successfully win the war. This battle will be interesting as both armies are still growing from their revival. 

Recent Magma Clan event

A recent Magma Clan event

Orange, AdvisorPeople’s Imperial Confederation Win 2-1. I believe that People’s Imperial Confederation will win in a close match.

ActionSpark, Associate Editor: People’s Imperial Confederation Win 2-1-1. It’s gonna be a close battle, as both armies maxes are fairly similar. They’ve also been swapping positions in the top ten each week, and it could go either way. Overall though, I believe the People’s Imperial Confederation will manage to outgun the Magma Clan.

Coolguy, Associate EditorMagma Clan Win 1-2-0. I think that it will be a close battle, both armies have had past generations and have some kind of experience within their leadership but it could go either way. It will all come down to who has the bigger size. However, at the end of the day, their sizes are bound to be close because these are similar armies which place closely on the top tens. Magma Clan may just pull an upset here and pull out the win.

Spotty, Head Judge: People’s Imperial Confederation Win 3-0-0. I think that the People’s Imperial Confederation will win all three rooms due to them being open longer than the Magma Clan. This allows them to have more experienced troops in regards to battles and leading, giving them the advantage in this battle.

Warlords of Kosmos vs. Napalm Corps

A day after the first battle then comes the second battle of the tournament, the Warlords of Kosmos battling the Napalm Corps. Napalm Corps has been growing since its return on April 2. Meanwhile, the Warlords have seen a decrease in their number of events. Given the status of the armies battling, this battle appears to be clear cut as the community suggests but anyone could have a trick up their sleeve.

Recent Napalm Corps event

A recent Napalm Corps event

Orange, Advisor: Napalm Corps Win 3-0. I think Napalm Corps will comfortably win.

ActionSpark, Associate Editor: Napalm Corps Win 3-0. Napalm corps will most certainly be able to pull this one off with ease. The most recent top ten showed the Napalm Corps at seventh place, whereas the Warlords of Kosmos came up at 13th place. This should be an easy battle, and a clean sweep for the Napalm Corps.

Coolguy, Associate Editor: Napalm Corps Win 3-0. I think it’s obvious that Warlords of Kosmos (WOK) hasn’t been present recently and, as far as I know, they have held one vent in the past month or something like that. So the amount of experience that Napalm Corps (NC) has under their belt for the upcoming tournament surpasses that of WOK. Also, NC’s growth has seen them do well recently. I think they will be able to at least double WOK’s size and be much faster and work more efficiently because of it. Therefore, I predict the NC win.

Spotty, Head Judge: Napalm Corps Win 2-0-1. I think that this battle will be closer than the previous one. However, I feel like Napalm Corps will take the win due to them recently being more dominate and regular on the top ten than Warlords of Kosmos. Although, WOK do have experienced troops which may help them a lot during this battle.

Now what is left to do is sit back and watch the battles play out. We’re excited to watch the Qualifiers finally unravel. Which armies do you think will win this weekend?

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