Time Capsule: CPA Admins

Welcome to the Time Capsule, where we ask members questions about their goals and predictions for the year. Later on, we will see if they meet their goals and if their predictions were correct.

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Note: No individuals or animals were hurt in the production of this post.

In this post, we find ourselves putting the Club Penguin Army’s Executive Producer Duo Mchappy and Disha, and the Chief Executive Producer Wynn in the torture room spotlight. As one might expect, tracking down these individuals is an extremely difficult task. It was fairly easy to confront Disha, I just politely requested her to join the proceedings and she did.

It turned out to be surprisingly difficult to catch up to Mchappe. You’d think all those happy meals would’ve made him slow and easy prey, but nope. Eventually, I caught him trying to make a back alley deal with a McDonalds employee. So I rented a moped and scared him into running right into the investigation room.

At first, I couldn’t find Wynn at all. I briefly heard some strange rumors of her and our newest Advisor Max riding dragons, but there is no evidence backing these claims. Then, while passing by the supposedly closed Pizza Shop on CPAB, I heard some muffled screams for help. On investigating further, I realized Wynn had imprisoned some poor CPA Staff applicant in her basement yet again. Makes you wonder what other secrets Superhero123 and Wynn have been hiding to protect their twisted scheming.

From here onwards, it was a simple matter of playing Wynn’s favourite songs from Zombies, Run. Amazingly, Wynn turned into a brainless zombie as soon as she heard this music and followed me (the source of music) right into the investigation room.

So now, we finally reach the part for which I started writing this post – the interview. Oh yeah, you can bet your *ss the Club Penguin Army media team managed to reach out to the Admins for an interview.


WELCOME TO THE TIME CAPSULE, ADMINS! It is definitely not an honor to have you here, you guys suck!

Wynn: What the – where am I? How did I get here?

Unimportant! Would you all like to introduce yourselves to the readers, since you are all basically irrelevant and unknown to armies?

McHappy: Hello, I am Mchappy. Not McSad. Not McMad. Not McFad. Just Mchappy.

Wynn: I’m run, I like to Wynn. wait no-

Disha: Hi I am Dish. Call me Misdirection, but don’t call me to ask for directions unless you want to get lost

How do you think the Club Penguin Army community will look like by the end of the year?

Wynn: I hope to see the community as active at the end of the year as it is now. We already had multiple wars, one tournament and two more already planned. Judging from how many armies opened or reopened this year already, hopefully the community won’t see less than ten active armies at the end of it. I would also expect to see quite a few retirements to happen this year.
On the negative side, if discord keeps limiting our ways of recruiting, and with no public and relevant CPPS around, armies may once again significantly drop in sizes.

Just Mchappy: I am not oblivious to the hardships the community have been facing sometime now, especially in navigating post-pandemic sizes and community relations. However, my hope is to see a thriving community that by the end of the year is healthy and, more importantly, organic. Additionally, I’d like to see more armies and new army leaders prop up. It’s about time we see some new legends in the making.

Disha: I think the community is fairly active at this point. After the pandemic and lockdown, there was a drastic drop in army sizes and overall engagement, so much so that even until the beginning of this year, many people were/are under the belief that the community is heading toward doom. I don’t blame them as I myself felt the same. However, we have gotten through that, and given recent events of wars taking place, and even a tournament happening, I think we are steadily going in the direction of more activity, communication, and, engagement within the community. I hope that we, as a whole, continue to progress this way and more importantly, have fun here!

Can you name an ex-admin who you think might return to CPA?

Mchad: None. I think we deserve a team that can help the community look towards the future, instead of relying continuously on the past. I am grateful for all of the hard work previous administrators have done in creating a strong site such as this one. I consider this to be the second chapter of Club Penguin Armies (the website) and I am excited to see what we have in store for everyone.

Wynn: I doubt anyone will. It’s not my goal either to bring anyone back, if we want a successful organisation with a sustainable future, we need to train new people, which was being neglected in the past months.

Disha: None that come to my mind. I think all of the Admins have had their fair share of learning and experiences, whilst leading this organization, and I am grateful to each one of them for their incredible work here. There is so much that I personally have learned from them, and as a current Admin, I hope to live up to their expectations and fill their shoes to the best ability that I can.

What old army do you think will revive by the end of the year?

Wynn: I think Ice Warriors may actually revive in a few months. Another guess could be Fire Warriors.

Emceehappy: Agreeing with Wynn here that we will see an Ice Warriors revival attempt sometime this year. Other contenders would be Fire Warriors, Ninjas, or maybe even Elites!

Disha: I have a feeling that Ice Warriors might make a return at some point this year.

What is one skill you wish to master by the end of the year?

Wynn: I hope to improve my English grammar lol.

Happy Meal: I’m entering my diplomatic era.

Disha: To get things done on time and not be swayed by my perfectionist tendencies.

What do you think are the chances of a CPPS becoming popular once again?

Wynn: I think very low, Disney will most probably take down any that becomes too popular. NCP and CPL mostly have the same old players anyway and without new ones, there is only as much as you can grow.

Diplomchappy: The Rebels have been using Club Penguin Legacy, and I have a lot of interest in it. Superhero is godsent for his work with Club Penguin Army Battleground. Nevertheless, as I mentioned, I’d like to see a more organic community by the end of the year. While the chances are seemingly low right now, I would be very supportive of armies if another SAFE private server pops up and has the popularity to house armies. There are times where armies are at the will of a cycle of instability, but the fact that every single time the community has been able to overcome it shows the strength our community has when we stand strong together.

Disha: I don’t think they are much, to be honest. After Disney shut down the original game, I don’t think any of the existing CPPSs have been able to make as huge an impact. However, I must mention here that Super has been our savior in giving us a private and safe server to host our events after CPR shut down, and I feel that excluding the technical glitches and minor bugs, it’s a platform that can be seen as a sustainable choice at this point.

What do you think Club Penguin Armies (the league) will look like in a year?

Wynn: I would hope it becomes one of the longest serving leagues with admins trusted by the leaders, who respond to armies’ needs and don’t neglect the things that makes the administration stable, such as preparing new people to take over or be careful about any possible bias.

McHoppy: A year from now to this date, Club Penguin Armies will be close to passing former CPPS news sites in terms of longevity. Therefore, in order to see that through, I intend to lead Club Penguin Armies to be as healthy as it possibly can in a year. I think the league will look more united than ever. I think CPA will have made its mark and continue to support armies and its community. It is my hope that it will strong than ever, reliable, and a beacon for all.

Disha: In a year, I visualize the league to be a haven for the community at large. A place that will continue to take care of every army’s needs, hear out the leaders, and handle every situation in an unbiased way. I hope we continue to thrive as a community, host tournaments and fun community events and activities, and have a strong and united front till next year.

To conclude, I would like to quote a dialogue that accurately describes the admins based on their responses:

Gru’s Mom: Shortly after you and your brother were born, your father and I divorced, and we each took one child. Obviously, I got second pick.

Do you agree with the Admins’ responses? Who do you think we should interview in the next post? 

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