Volcanic Eruption: Co-creator Darklink Returns to Lead Magma Clan

Just twenty-four hours after their victory against the Penguins of Madagascar, Darklink returns to Magma Clan’s leadership. Being a co-creator, Darklink hopes to build the army further following recent events.

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Darklink is a long-time army veteran, starting in the original Club Penguin era. Moving around, Darklink has found success with armies such as Night Rebels and Team Yellow Army in the past, with the former holding the number three position on Club Penguin Army Central’s Top Ten at one point. Post Club Penguin, Darklink was at the center of a multilogging scandal that forced the Team Yellow Army to shut down. Three months later, he returned with a bang and revived Special Weapons And Tactics with SweaterZuke, and S Cargo2 on Club Penguin Online. Under Darklink, SWAT held consistent sizes of 60+, and he cemented himself as a SWAT legend because of it.

Magma Clan opened on May 8, 2021, after Lukey and Darklink left Templars. Initially reaching sizes of 10-12, they quickly contested the largest of small/medium armies. Unfortunately, Templars declared war just a single day after their creation. The war dubbed the “6th Erranty War,” would last two weeks before Templars were crowned victorious. Afterward, the army lasted just another fortnight before shutting down.

June 2021: 6th Errantry War’s final battle

On February 15, 2023, Lukey announced a potential Magma Clan revival. No events were scheduled, leading to uncertainty regarding whether Lukey was serious. However, just under four weeks later, on March 11, Magma Clan reached an incredible 15 soldiers upon returning to the community, allowing them to register for Club Penguin Armies. Looking to prove themselves, Magma Clan declared war on the recently created Penguins of Madagascar and ultimately won due to a breach in war terms. Now, the army has announced that it will be “going back to its roots” and recently rehired their co-creator Darklink to a leadership position.

March 2023: Magma Clan’s revival event, reaching 15

Club Penguin Armies approached Darklink with an interview request to learn more about his return to Magma Clan and his plans for the army following their recent war.

Why did you decide to return to Magma Clan’s leadership?

I submitted my SATs and finished my major classes so free time and to tarnish my legacy more.

What are your plans for the army’s future following Magma Clan’s recent war victory?

Just to make sure the foundation we have right now doesn’t crumble from previous generations and hopefully build up from there.

What would you say to Magma Clan troops who may be looking to become leaders one day?

To be honest just show you are part of Magma Clan. “Show up” if you’re active and it’ll all fall into place.

With an impressive track record, Darklink will be an excellent addition to Magma Clan’s leadership. How will Magma Clan fare in the future, and can they break the streak of shutting down after wartime? Club Penguin Armies wishes the best of luck to Darklink in his new role.

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