ACP Higher Command Alucard Removed Following Dark Vikings Exposé

Following a contentious exposé from the Dark Vikings, the Army of Club Penguin have fired their High Command member Alucard. The Clovers also issued a reply to the Vikings in another post on their website.

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Note: This is an ongoing incident in the community. The article will be updated with more information, if it presents itself.

The Deadlock Dissension commenced on March 30th, after the Army of Club Penguin declared war on their former allies, the Dark Vikings. The war is dubbed so owing to the utter lack of judges in their battles so far. The current war scores stands at 5-0-0 or 2-0-0, as per the ACP and the Dark Vikings respectively.

In their declaration of war, ACP accused the Vikings of committing various wrongdoings. These include harboring a known doxxer, harassing ACP troops, raiding their events, stealing troops, and promoting anti-Semitic behavior. ACP claimed that the inclusion of Ether, previously known as Supreme, in the Vikings’ leadership caused the alliance to fall apart. According to ACP, Ether is a known doxxer with a history of attacking some of their staff members. The Vikings’ refusal to remove him from leadership led to the termination of their alliance.

Furthermore, ACP provided screenshot evidence that the Vikings organized a raid on one of their training events. Additionally, they made allegations of the Vikings raiding their waiting room during a March Madness battle.

In the following sections, ACP shed light on the Vikings’ discriminatory behavior towards the LGBTQ+ community, their lack of respect towards ACP, and their anti-Semitic comments. To support their accusations, they backed them up with screenshots. Some of these screenshots have been included below for reference.

In their final section, ACP addressed the Vikings’ alleged attempts to accuse them of troop stealing, which they deny. They claim that the Vikings themselves are guilty of troop stealing and provided screenshot evidence to support their claim.

On April 10th, the Dark Vikings responded to ACP’s allegations. They denied encouraging anti-Semitic comments and claimed that ACP did not have substantial evidence to validate their claim. DV alleges that the screenshots in ACP’s post are out of context.

The Dark Vikings then provided screenshot proof of inappropriate behavior from Alucard, a member of the ACP High Command at the time. The screenshots provided show Alucard using racial slurs and harassing a person for associating with Ether.

The Vikings also accused the Clovers of not being open about their complaints and using them as justification for a war. They also pointed out that if DV accepted ACP’s server transfer, ACP would still have forty-five servers left in comparison to DV’s five. They challenged ACP to split their servers evenly if they wished to fight a fair war.

In the last part of their post, the Vikings allege that ACP attempted to trick them into a war on the server map. They also claim that ACP never mentioned any issues with SupremePower leading the Vikings until DV placed above ACP on the Top Ten Armies list in January. Finally, DV included a new set of war terms for the future battles.

Later that day, ACP leader Calgo responded to the allegations against Alucard. Calgo stated that ACP did not support Alucard’s behavior and, after a full investigation, had removed Alucard from the ACP staff team.

Calgo announcing the removal of Alucard

As of now, the public has yet to receive Alucard’s statement as mentioned in the aforementioned announcement. The Clovers are also expected to counter the claims made by the Vikings in a new website post. This article will be updated with more information once their article is released.

The Club Penguin Armies team attempted to elicit a response from Alucard regarding the matter at hand. However, Alucard declined to furnish any statement. In the aftermath of ACP’s post, both ACP and DV leaderships provided their own separate statements.

Krosive: Acp will not win this war as we will destroy them no matter what, they can talk about how shit our US division is but at the end of the day we steam rolled ACP last battle, at end of the day their fucking losers. They are the oldest cp army and the shittest.

Calgocubs21: DV Leadership have shown once again that they are incapable of sticking to what they say. Their own actions by their leaders contradict each other. ACP made several attempts to schedule out battles through CPAJ to have proper judging in place, yet they no showed for all of them. Despite their refusal, we have found a way around this by recording our battles when we have someone available to do so and requesting judging reviews after the fact to get them to show up.
When I confronted one of DV’s leaders Litt7 about it in VC, he made it quite apparent that they were against us using judges. Put simply, they’d rather claim victory after every battle and feed their troops propaganda as a form of coping than show real courage to take up the challenge despite the odds being stacked against them. Krosive is only saying that they aren’t refusing CPAJ judges for the publicity so that he doesn’t look like a complete fool in front of all his degenerate CPAT friends. The facts speak for themself.
(Regarding the post) We will most likely be writing a response post as there are a lot of inaccuracies and falsities pushed in that report.

The two armies finally agreed to let CPAJ officiate over the battles, signaling an abrupt turn in the ongoing war. So far, the war exposed malfeasance on both sides. How do you think this war will ultimately end? Do you think there will be more scandals in the future?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 April 14, 2023 (5:22 pm)

    Alu?! What the fuck man?!

  2. some vet from before 2017 April 16, 2023 (5:58 am)

    People are so vitriolic over a dead kids game you all play competitively. Just respect one another. It costs nothing to be kind.

    Some of us back then were hateful including myself but this shit needs to stop, grow tf up

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