Reporter of the Month: March

March Madness came and went, and as a result, the community has been more competitive than ever. Our own staff changes resulted in a growing media team, so we are happy to announce the standout reporter of March.

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Despite joining the Club Penguin Armies‘ media time with only a week left of the month, Sweater left a large impression. He is someone with media experience and having him on the team has been a huge help, especially during busy weeks. His perfect feedback scores immediately put him in contention for the Reporter of the Month spot.

On March 23, the Reporter in Training would release his first post covering the March Madness Semi Finals’ predictions. Additionally, he would be one of the main reporters covering the War of Conquest, the war between Penguins of Madagascar and Special Weapons and Tactics. As soon as there was word about a treaty, Sweater was already typing up a storm.

As a result of his top-notch scores, we have rewarded him with Reporter of the Month.

Am I still the meanest?

Why did you want to become a Reporter?

I’m not really sure, it wasn’t because I love writing and I was never all that good at writing in school. I guess I just realised that I’d never be the greatest army leader or best recruiter and wanted to try a different approach to Club Penguin Armies and the media was the route I decided to take. I reluctantly applied for SM Army Central in 2015 and hated it, leaving after two or three articles. Probably because 12 year old couldn’t take criticism. I applied again to try and better my writing skills for English and I think that’s what propelled me to pass that year haha.

What would you say has been your favorite part of the role?

There’s a million things I love about working in media. If I had to pick just one, I’d say it’s most likely being in the know and sharing interesting stories with the rest of the community!

What are some future goals you have?

I’d definitely like to become an Editor in the future, but I’m not in any rush. Right now, I’d prefer to just keep my work at the highest possible standard and ensure each piece is better than the last.

Once again, we appreciate all of those involved working in our team. And most of all, we appreciate the readers who rely on us to provide the most accurate community news. Congratulations to Sweater! Do you think the Special Weapons and Penguins were able to resolve their issues thanks to Sweater?

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