Top 5 Moments of March 2023

March has been nothing but eventful for the army community, as so much has happened. With a huge scandal, ongoing wars, retirements, and even a controversy taking place – the month of March has been a witness to several events.

Top 5 Moments

Like how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments’ of March 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. Penguins of Madagascar Declare War on Special Weapons and Tactics

Written by: Max

The ‘War of Conquest’ dominated headlines in the latter half of March, with the original declaration of war from the Penguins of Madagascar on the Special Weapons and Tactics dating March 19th. The two armies had been enemies for some time, with a history of leader troop stealing and other such controversies. The first week of the conflict concluded with the armies on an equal footing. March 25th was particularly dramatic, as CPA Battleground server issues resulted in an invasion cancellation and subsequent raid that ended in a disputed victor. During the chaos of the conflict, long-serving SWAT leader Coolguy made his departure for a higher command rank in the Army of Club Penguin. This did not break the SWAT’s military campaign though, and they continued with more battles against the POM. A treaty was signed on the final day of March, dubbed the Pact of Women’s History Month. While it did not mark an official conclusion to the war, it did state that neither army shall attack the other until they feel their concerns have been resolved. With that in mind, could we see the war pick up again in the future? And if so, who will come out on top?

War of Conquest

4. Army of Club Penguin Declares War on Dark Vikings 

Written by: Mchappy 

On March 30, the Army of Club Penguin shocked the community by attempting to transfer servers to the Dark Vikings early in the morning. Only to then declare war in the same breath. Their declaration of war pointed to signs of distrust in the armies’ relationship since their alliance dissipated. Some of the actions to cause this were inappropriate and “bigoted” comments made by Viking staff members, and allegedly even accusations of attempted troop stealing. It was only four months ago that the Clovers and Vikings were allies, even going as far as to team up to win in the Double Deck the Halls community battle. In the month of March, both the Clovers and the Vikings were able to claim the number one spot on the weekly Top Ten rankings. All eyes were on the Dark Vikings’ leaders on whether or not they’d accept the server transfers as a sign of accepting the war challenge. However, the Vikings did not. Calgocubs21, the 49th Commander in Chief of the Clovers, continues to lead his army against the Dark Vikings in a war that may never touch the official map even once.

A recent event between the two armies

3. Coolguy Retires from Special Weapons and Tactics; Joins the Clovers

Written by: Sweater

Former Special Weapons And Tactics leader Coolguy stepped away from the army on March 28. After three years of leadership, Coolguy cemented himself as a SWAT Legend in more ways than one. Most recently, leading the Agents against the Penguins of Madagascar in the ‘War of Conquest,’ he helped defeat the Penguins multiple times across many different battles. Outside of wartime, Coolguy led SWAT through prestigious tournaments such as Christmas Chaos and Legends Cup and even won the Monster Mash in 2022. With his impressive track record, Coolguy’s retirement is sure to be felt by SWAT Agents everywhere.

Coolguy retires from Special Weapons and Tactics

2. Spotty and Rowan Removed from Administration; Max Joins Temporarily

Written by: Mchappy

While the purpose of Club Penguin Armies is to provide quality content covering things like leadership changes in armies, the news site itself underwent major changes in its leadership during March. March saw Spotty, the longest-serving Chief Executive Producer, step down due to personal issues. Even other staff members state waking up to the news was quite surprising. As the website continued without her, only about a week later the infamous “Pandora” project came to rile things up again. With it, allegations came forth about Rowan. Separately, conversations Rowan had with individuals in the community showcased Rowan not only trying to instigate conflicts in army affairs but also bad-mouthing certain staff members from his team. Upon seeing these screenshots, Wynn acted alongside other advisors, taking Rowan out of a seat of power. To provide stability, one of Club Penguin Armies’ founders, Max, came back to the administration in hopes of building a stronger future for the league.

Wynn’s official announcement about the removal of Rowan and Spotty

1. Ice Warriors Shut Down over Pedophilia Scandal

Written by: Coolguy

Arguably, one of the biggest moments of the month came near the start of it as the Ice Warriors scandal emerged. On the 10 of March, many allegations against the Ice Warriors emerged with Swirl, among others, exposing members of the army, most commonly high-command. The original document exposed 3 high-commanding members of the army which led to both Josh and Subster being outcasted from the army. The events led to Dance Moms shutting down. Many members of the Warriors fled the army with a few joining their allies, Water Vikings. All alliances with the Warriors broke and they were outcasted. After many interviews, another expose post, and much controversy, the Ice Warriors shut down on March 12, just two days after the original allegations. Will we ever see the Warriors in the army community again?

Ice Warriors shut down

As March comes to an end, the question arises about what April will hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in March for you, and why are they so? 

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