Timeline of Events: Magma Clan Shock Discord Raid on Titans

The Magma Clan have once again emerged from the shadows, having recently reopened, by raiding the Emperor Titans of Club Penguin.

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UPDATE: Magma Clan has inducted Smithy into the leadership. Leader Lukey made the announcement yesterday at 8:41 pm EST, stating “he [Smithy] threatened to kill my family”. We presume he is joking.

Club Penguin Armies reached out and spoke with Smithy following his promotion. He told our team that he was incredibly excited to be joining the Clan leadership: “Well it’s been a long time coming, I’ve been working for it since the last generation.”

In terms of future plans, Smithy declared: “I aim to improve Magma Clan maxes and make us more predominant in the CPA community.”

When quizzed on the controversial raid of the Titans, he said the following: “I was involved with the emperor titans ”raid” but I don’t take the army seriously and see it as a meme/joke”. 

Clade, most notably known for being a troop within the Special Weapons And Tactics army, created The Emperor Titans of Club Penguin earlier in the month. Despite being a troop in the Agents’ army, he has aspirations for his own army. On March 25, the Titans held their first event where they were able to max five troops. This wasn’t enough to be registered as an official army, however, their hopes have not faded. To become an official army they will need to gather just five more troops to reach the amount that they need to fulfil their goal.

The Titans’ opening event

However, on March 27, a raid emerged on the army’s server, enacted by the Magma Clan, hoping to gain stragglers from the army. While doing so, the army members used profane language which can be considered as racist, homophobic and offensive. Below are some pictures of the raid.

Clade, himself, was offline during the day, however, the raid continued throughout. Since then, Clade has purged the inappropriate comments and the links to the Clan’s server. However, this was not the end of their raid. Members of the Clan’s high command went on to spam the enlisted private role on March 28, bringing attention to themselves.

What was the purpose of the raid? Club Penguin Armies got a statement from Lukey, Magma’s leader, to find out why they went to such lengths.

Personally I still dont know what completely happened. It happened last night and did not know what happened until a few hours after it happened nor saw what they said other than spamming our server link. I did not encourage this behavior but I also don’t care.

It seems like the Magma high command acted alone in their raid. However, was this truly the case? And how will the Titans move forward from this? Club Penguin Armies approached Clade, Titans’ leader, for a statement regarding this.

The raid was unexpected i was offline that day. It just a bunch of rubish. I am just gonna forget happend it and focus on building my army and becoming a better leader.

It seems like Clade still plans to go ahead with his plans for the army despite the raids. However, without any reason for the raids on display, will this be the last time that we see it happen? Lukey seems to have not known about the raid but is this just a show? Will a war between the two armies emerge? Can the Titans recover from this raid? Will they go on to become an official army? We wish Clade and his army the best as they strive to grow stronger and recover.

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4 Responses

  1. PenguinLad March 30, 2023 (12:39 pm)

    Damn. I hope the same thing won’t happen on Penguins Of Madagascar

  2. Zooy March 30, 2023 (5:53 pm)

    Yeah, that raid was quite horrible. That was probably the most times I heard those slurs… But yeah please do not raid people.

  3. i am not sure if i should call war on manga clan
    but i do know they are not on my good list so i keep watch if they try another move i will smash and destroy that entire army magma dez nuts

  4. I am not sure if I should call war but I will keep a watch out and let them try again I promise you I destroy that army in crumbles

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