No Front-Runner In ‘War of Conquest’ Yet As Week One Comes to a Close

The latest major conflict within the community, the War of Conquest between the Penguins of Madagascar and Special Weapons and Tactics, has seen its first week of combat. But with no clear front-runner so far, this hotly contested conflict shows no signs of slowing down.

Associate Editor ActionSpark reports live from the warzone, with all the coverage on the first week of this ongoing conflict.

It’s been just 6 days since the Penguins of Madagascar, better known to community members as ‘POM’, announced their shocking declaration of war against the Special Weapons and Tactics.

As long-time enemies with a history of ‘troop stealing’, the war did not come as a surprise to many. But as the first week of the conflict has come to an end, it would appear the two competitors are still neck-on-neck with the official battle score being two ties, and a single victory each.

Battle for Dubai: POM Take the Lead

The battle that kick-started the war, dubbed the ‘War of Conquest’, was the POM’s invasion of SWAT server Dubai on Tuesday, March 21st. With the Special Weapons peaking at sizes of 18, the POM lagged slightly behind with a total of 15 soldiers present.

War of Conquest: Battle for Dubai

However, the judges noted the POM’s ability to successfully cover their opponents with a creative range of tactics and formations. This eventually won them the battle, as the final battle result saw a tie in room 2, with POM victories over rooms 1 and 3.

Combat on Cream Soda: SWAT Make Their Comeback

The next day, Wednesday 22nd, saw SWAT make their comeback and triumph in a win-tie-win battle on the server Cream Soda. With a larger force, the Special Weapons were able to out-manoeuvre their enemies, who struggled with their “messy movements and messy formations”. However, a strong showing in tactics and formations from POM in room two allowed them to bring the room to a tie, despite the smaller size.

War of Conquest: Battle for Cream Soda

Tiebreak on City of Stars

Already neck-on-neck with a victory each under their belts, both sides were keen to pull out another victory and turn the tide of the war in their favour. SWAT’s invasion of the server ‘City of Stars’ witnessed a tie, and as such, the Penguins of Madagascar managed to keep their server.

Following the conclusion of the battle, SWAT promptly requested a review to occur, specifically for the first room. After much deliberation by the Head Judges, the verdict ultimately remained the same, and POM retained the City of Stars.

War of Conquest: Tie on City of Stars

Dreaming City: Another Tie Under Review

The most controversial battle yet was the most recent – for the server Dreaming City. It concluded once more in a tie, with POM claiming room 1, SWAT taking room 3, and the second room concluding in a tie. As such, the POM managed to successfully defend their server.

The SWAT leaders once again approached the Head Judges for a review of rooms one and two. This review is still ongoing, and the results are expected this weekend. Could the battle results be overturned?

War of Conquest: Battle for Dreaming City

Our reporting team managed to speak with the leaders of each side, who provided short statements on the conflict so far, as well as what they thought week two of the war would have in store.

Logical: “I think POM is doing great so far as SWAT hasnt taken any of our land. Also, we have never had a size advantage and have still been coming out on top. The difference in this war is the leading and so far POM has shown a better performance. I think the rest of the war will be close – exactly how I want it to be, that’s why I chose this war but at the end of the day a major army losing to a S/M army is hilarious!”

Legoman: “SWAT is performing well thus far. We have been able to trade blows with an army that is leeching off of major powers and is too afraid to 1v1 us. You can expect SWAT to bring the heat to the battlefield. POM can smile and wave while they dig their own grave. HOO RAH!”

This conflict is far from over, and with no clear front-runner after the first week of battles, the community waits in anticipation to see how the second week of the conflict will play out. Will the Special Weapon’s larger size allow them to dominate? Or will the POM’s strong tactics and formations keep them swimming above the water? Club Penguin Armies will be monitoring closely and bringing you the very latest.

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