War of Conquest – Penguins of Madagascar Declare war on SWAT

The Penguins of Madagascar have begun the War of Conquest against the Special Weapons And Tactics. This is the second war of the year, and both armies are ready to clash.

On March 19, the Penguins of Madagascar declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. The two armies have been enemies for as long as the Penguins of Madagascar have existed, followed by a troopstealing controversy from the two ex-Special Weapons and Tactics leaders and now Penguins of Madagascar leaders, Rye Bread and Logical. The reason for war was due to their foreign relation status and the Agents also wanting a fight.

pom declares on swat

POM’s war declaration on SWAT

Despite being enemies, the two armies have yet to battle each other in a conflict and this will be the first time they battle each other. Both armies recently had significant events such as the February Forte for the Penguins of Madagascar with their close battle against the Dark Vikings going into overtime. As for the Agents, their recent March Madness battle against the Templars although the score not being nearly as close as the February Forte, it was still one of the more exciting battles.

swat battle

A recent SWAT event

Club Penguin Armies asked Penguins of Madagascar leader Rye Bread and Special Weapons and Tactics leader Legoman for a statement on this war:

Rye: since our banishment from SWAT back in February, there was always the thought of war on our minds. Now that both of us are eliminated from March Madness, it’s time to strike. I’ll be honest i wasn’t expecting a war so soon, but we are more than ready to take on the Agents and dominate that battlefield once and for all.
Lego: Another SWAT war, I guess it’s just that time of the month. War brings hype, hype brings more motivation, so we are ready to face this war head-on. See you on the battlefield POM.

It appears that tensions between the two have been brewing for quite a while, and both armies seem ready for battle. The first battle has already taken place with the Penguins of Madagascar getting a 3-0 victory against the agents. How long will this war last? Who will win?

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