March Madness VIII: Quarter-Finals Results

As the second round of March Madness VIII ends, four armies advance to the semi-finals. Despite some controversy and one review, we are now able to present you with the Final Four.

The quarter-finals consisted of four battles. Despite one army dropping out of the tournament, the excitement for March Madness only increased when the community learned the Army of Club Penguin would be facing Rebel Penguin Federation. Another battle that caught a lot of attention was the Special Weapons and Tactics vs Templars, which had a lot of spectators. The potential outcomes of the Dark Vikings vs Ice Warriors battle and Penguins of Madagascar vs Help Force seemed more predictable, therefore sparking less interest in the community.

Dark Vikings vs. Ice Warriors

Due to Ice Warriors closing and pulling out of March Madness after recent controversies, Dark Vikings got a free pass to the semi-finals, where they will be facing the Rebel Penguin Federation. The supposed battle in the end turned out to be a one-room-long event.

Winner – Dark Vikings

Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The second Saturday battle was undoubtedly the one that sparked both the most attention and the most controversy, ending with a review. Despite achieving a lower max, Rebel Penguin Federation was able to put up a great fight, and eventually win against the Army of Club Penguin after an overtime room. The battle was extremely close but the Head Judges upheld the initial verdict, which means the Rebels will be facing Dark Vikings in the next round.

Winner – Rebel Penguin Federation

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Templars

The first Sunday battle between Special Weapons and Tactics, on the other hand, had only three rooms which according to the judges were a clean Templar victory. Although the Knights were the underdogs today, they managed to achieve a 40+ size and are going to battle Help Force next weekend.

Winner – Templars

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Help Force

The last battle of the round didn’t catch as much attention as the previous two, due to the outcome of a small/medium army facing a major one seeming predictable. Help Force, who took first place in the seedings, achieved a three times higher max than Penguins of Madagascar securing an easy win, and will now be facing Templars in the semi-finals.

Winner – Help Force

In the semi-finals, we will witness Rebel Penguin Federation battling Dark Vikings and Help Force facing Templars. Will the outcome turn out to be predictable or will it surprise us? No matter the results, we would like to wish every army remaining in the tournament good luck in the next round!

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