Unleashing the Power of Helping for Five Years

The Help Force has been around for five years and recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, hosting many festivities throughout their anniversary week. Throughout these years, the army continues to stand strong, having accomplished innumerable milestones.


The Help Force was created on March 13, 2018, by Ayan. Before this, they were called’ Helpful Friends’, however, their server was defaced before they were able to open. This led to the creation of the Help Force just a couple of days later. Despite the army only being a couple of months old, at the time, they were invited to participate in the Legend’s Cup in July. They beat out Wild Ninjas in their first battle, eventually losing out to the Elite Guardians. They also came out victorious in the Summer Bash of 2019. Despite being a relatively new army, they managed to beat the Pirates, maxing 70+ penguins.

Pirates against Help Force in the Summer Bash finals

By the end of the year, this new army grew, consistently maxing sizes of 40 and even competing in other major tournaments. In December 2019, however, the army shut down and then reopened in a new server with Ayan at the helm. There were many concerns over their Spanish division before the shutdown which led to many being banned from the Discord server. However, the main problem regarded the Club Penguin Online Army League and its conduct towards the army and its leaders. With many people, including Ayan and Spotty, feeling harassed and oppressed, it was time for a revolution and a new generation to begin.

A recent event of Help Force

The army steadily progressed since this time, reopening but making sure that their troops were safe and their army was thriving. This led to them making history in 2020 by grabbing first place in the Top Ten armies in January. Since then, the army has consistently been the underdogs in many competitions and rising to the challenge. They most notably won the Aces of Ausia tournament in December 2020 and have fought in wars against the likes of Silver Empire and, more recently, Special Weapons and Tactics. This year, on March 13, the Helpers completed 5 years of activity in the army community.

Ayan making an announcement about the 5th anniversary of the army

Throughout the week of their fifth anniversary, they held multiple events and activities between March 9 and 13 to celebrate, making it a themed week. Some of the things they created were; interviews with veterans, graphics recapping their past, events, and more. Each day of the themed week represented a particular year(s) of their journey, and the army’s server was redesigned to reflect how things were and looked like specifically during that particular year.

Help Force doing a themed week for their 5th anniversary

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to the current leaders of the army – Desireus and Rooboo, and know their thoughts on the army completing 5 years of activity.

How does it feel to celebrate the army’s fifth Anniversary?

Desireus: Well of course, it feels amazing really and such a wonderful time to just appreciate the journey throughout the several years, especially reaching the point where I’m commanding the army, it truly is a cherishable moment.

Rooboo: It feels surreal! It’s one of them times where u never expected that a timing like that will ever come especially as a commander and also, especially that every year people say armies are dying. HF will always strive to remain strong!

What does this army’s legacy mean to you?

Desireus: It honestly means a lot to me, to be a part of the legacy of a very successful army. We have our ups and downs, but it truly has been quite worth the opportunity.

Rooboo: I mean I’ve been in Help Force since July 2019 and there never came a time where I felt I wanna go or so. It’s just something u just feel like u belong in and can never let go of easily.

Could you share some of your favorite moments from the army?

Desireus: I have too many, and I don’t really have a specific favorite moment, but I guess I can say 2021 was one of the greatest years for the army, the people, the events, and the moments were all my absolute favorite in that year.

Rooboo: Some of my favorite memories are making friends and really good friends. Ranking from the very bottom. Leading the Blue Squadron Training Program, being a reason we have many good results, and just so much more. From themes to takeovers to so much!

What are your future plans with the army?

Desireus: Definitely for now is to win March Madness. Looking further, we aim and try our best to continue growing and maintaining our strengths throughout the year.

Rooboo: Making Help Force grow and have so much activity and fun stuff and win tournaments and just be so much of a fun place to enjoy!

What can we expect from the army this year?

Desireus: You can expect the best of the best from us, we have already had a great start to the year and we desire to keep pushing!

Rooboo: Winning tournaments and striving on top! Being a huge server not just for Club Penguin but for many other games as well!


The Help Force has always been a force to be reckoned with, within the army community. Under Desireus’s and Rooboo’s leadership, there is certainly no doubt that the army will reach greater heights than what it already has, given how determined and dedicated both of them are. From Club Penguin Armies, we wish the Help Force, a happy 5th anniversary, and hope the very best for them in all of their future endeavors.



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