The Top Ten Twists of Fate

The Top Ten has seen many twists with armies fighting for the number one spot, and this year has seen multiple armies surprisingly topping the Top Tens.

Last year, the Templars of Club Penguin went on their Golden Domination run in the Top Tens as they managed to maintain their place for the best part of a year. This broke Rebel Penguin Ferderation‘s previous record at the top. The Templars managed to hold onto number one from January 9 2022 to December 17. Arguably, one of the biggest twists was who they were dethroned by. The Army of Club Penguin dethroned their, then, allies (in war) Templars. Despite this, they went on to dominate the Top Ten the week after until January 14 before they were dethroned once more by the Federation.

With the Templars being dethroned earlier in the year, the Top Ten has seen many surprising twists and changes with many armies grabbing the top spot. Within the first month, after the Templars were dethroned for the second time, we saw four different armies claim first place. First was the Federation, as previously mentioned. They are no strangers to greatness within the Top Tens. However, this was their first number-one place since December 11, 2021.

The Rebels during a training event earlier in the year

Following on from this, on January 28, this year, Help Force was crowned as the number-one army. This week also saw them achieve the highest size of the week with a max size of 31 penguins. However, this was their first number-one since August 14, 2021. The week they achieved this in 2021, they had 80 penguins fight in their Legends Cup battle against the Federation. It was a momentous battle that saw two fierce armies compete with similar sizes. Unfortunately, Help Force didn’t take home the win but they can be proud of their achievements both then and now.

Help Force’s battle against the Rebels in the Legends Cup

The following week, on February 4, saw the Ice Warriors clutch on to the top spot, also achieving the largest maximum size with 36 penguins. They didn’t have to wait as long as Help Force did as this was their first number-one place since January 8, 2022. Like the Rebels, they are no strangers to the Top Tens, however, not even these major players could dethrone the Templars in 2022.

The Warriors held a Simon Says event which saw a max of 36, helping them grab the top spot

The week ending on February 11 saw yet another twist for the Top Tens. This twist was the Doritos of Club Penguin grabbing onto the first position despite only hosting one event for their anniversary. The Doritos didn’t revive, however, they reunited for one time only to celebrate their anniversary. In this one event, they managed to max 54 penguins despite the army being dead. This came as a shock to the community because of how easily they were able to grab first place. Despite them maxing well, they didn’t revive, however, but they remain a big force in army history.

The Doritos in their anniversary event

The next big twists of fate didn’t happen until March 4 as the Water Vikings claimed the top spot. This army, despite all their achievements, had a much longer wait before grabbing first once again. The Vikings had waited approximately 2833 days before finally getting number one. What does this statistic mean? Well, the Water Vikings last claimed number one on August 21, 2016. This is a massive gap between their Top Ten topping statistics. However, it came at just the right time with March Madness just around the corner. The motivation this army and its leaders gained was immense. This saw them rise to great heights in the March Madness tournament, maxing 44 penguins.

The Water Vikings announcing their record Top Ten position

The latest shock came just recently as the Dark Vikings claimed number one for the first time in their history. This came after their momentous win in the February Forte finals. Despite only being a small/medium army, the Vikings rose to the occasion. They beat out many major armies in their run to grab the top place.

DV training for the February Forte torunament

This year has seen major competition for the top spot on the Top Tens. Many armies have been able to achieve this feat while others are yet to. With that said, will we see a new army crowned next week as the March Madness tournament continues? The competition for the tournament as well as the Top Tens is certainly fierce. Many armies will be competing for Top Ten glory alongside glory in the tournament. However, who will come out on top? What do you think of these shocking Top Ten twists? Is this the most competitive year that we’ve seen to date? Will your army be the next army to top the Top Tens?

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