Rebel Commander Provides Statement Regarding Allegations

Recently there have been many questions surrounding leaked images against the Rebel Penguin Federation, sprung on by many controversies in the community. Today we reach out to the army in question for a statement regarding the accusations.

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On Monday, March 13, leaked conversation regarding Rebel Penguin Federation began making rounds through the community via an anonymous source. The conversations were composed of screenshots from the archives of an affiliation known as ProSect. The content was described as part of the never-released Project Pandora, which was meant to uncover allegedly wrongdoings committed by various armies.

The matters regarding the Rebels were quite sensitive in nature. Specifically, the Rebels were being accused of allegedly protecting individuals who were divulging in inappropriate relations with minors. The leak comes at a time where recent ally of the Rebels, the Ice Warriors, are dealing with the aftermath of their own controversies.

Alliance statement

To investigate the situation further, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the Rebels’ Commander, Link3000, for a statement.

What was omitted from the original article is that all former RPF members who are being accused of things in this post were minors at the time these things supposedly occurred. Even as young as 14, and thus the same or a similar age to the girl mentioned in the post, not adults as the post indirectly claimed. The author of the post was aware of this, but chose to obscure ages to paint Cosmo and Wolves as pedophiles when they were at most 15 years old when their “offences” occurred, with no proof being provided of any claims relating to them. Wording in the article claiming that they were a danger to children for “e-dating” someone the same age as them several years ago, and writing sexual references to what they may or may not have done as teenagers, with someone the same age as them, is inappropriate, and a huge invasion of their privacy.

As an adult, I personally do not believe it’s right to probe into the sex and relationship lives of what were at the time all underage children “e-dating” each other. We are also unsure how people expected RPF staff of the last few years, and especially current, to have been aware of, let alone responsible for which teenagers were e-dating which other teenagers in 2019/2020.

That being said, I can very much understand people being uncomfortable with some of the content of that post including a certain age gap. It is not our place to claim that this was okay or not, and we are sorry to have found out yesterday that someone who was in RPF at the time was behaving in a way that made others uncomfortable. I can understand people’s wish to share this information likely came from a place of wanting to avoid predatory behavior going ignored. But having read the recent statement from the girl in the post, and finding out that she did not wish for any of this to be shared in the first place, I don’t believe it’s appropriate, or fair to her, to probe into the relationship lives of what were, at the time, minors, any further, especially considering the main people involved haven’t been active in CPA in years.

For our own readers that question the involvement of current Chief Executive Producer Rowan, we refer you to his statement found in the announcements channel of our Discord server. Additionally, a meeting between the administration and armies is set to occur sometime this week.

The statement sent by Link3000 puts the allegations in a new perspective, while also providing more details about the whole situation. Despite the accusations, Rebel Penguin Federation is not shutting down, nor will it disrupt current March Madness proceedings. They are scheduled to face off against the Army of Club Penguin on Saturday, March 18. How many more “reports” will need to be written before the community takes a good look at itself in the mirror and face an ugly truth?

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