LIVE COVERAGE: Ice Warriors Face Controversy

In a shocking development, former Ice Warriors staff member Swirl has spoken out on the Ice Warriors and wrote an expose on his former cohorts. Recent allegations have been made public against the Ice Warriors’ leadership. Club Penguin Armies will provide updates as the situation progresses. 


Friday, March 10

4:18 pm EST – Swirl and around 5 other accounts begin sending the link to the exposé post in Ice Warrior’s main chat.

6:13 pm EST – IceQueen1020 posts an announcement regarding IW’s first acknowledgment of the situation and Subster’s removal.

6:34 pm EST – WV Leader Dino posts a statement regarding WV and IW’s alliance.


7:03 pm EST – Swirl Releases a Part 2 to the exposé post, detailing Josh’s response.

7:21 pm EST – Josh steps down from the Ice Warriors Leadership, IceQueen edits the initial message saying a statement will go out tomorrow.


7:26 pm EST – RPF Leader elexonck speaks on their Brother Alliance with the Ice Warriors.

7:38 pm EST – CPA Editor LEGOMAN reaches out to IceQueen1020 and Swirl for a statement.

7:56 pm EST – DV releases a statement regarding IW.

8:00 pm EST –  Swirl releases an exclusive statement to CPA.

8:50 pm EST –  Subster releases an exclusive statement to CPA (names of those involved have been edited out).

9:11 pm EST –  Eden releases an announcement in ProSect regarding IW.

10:01 pm EST – RPF Announces the end of the longstanding Black Ice Alliance.

10:07 pm EST – Templars officially declare the Ice Warriors as enemies.

10:31 pm EST –  Water Vikings terminate their Brother Alliance with Ice Warriors and declare them an enemy.

10:40 pm EST – Subster provides a SECOND statement.

10:52 pm EST – SWAT removes Subster’s Notable Troop and declares IW as enemies.

~10:57 pm EST – Former IW Third-In-Command Chekdar retires and is given IW Veteran role.

11:12 pm EST – The recently shut-down Napalm Corps declare IW as enemies.

11:30 pm EST – IW Champion Purple retires from IW.

11:32 pm EST – Dance Moms Army unallies with IW and shuts down.

11:52 pm EST – Former IW staff members Purple and HeadChicken join the Water Vikings.

Saturday, March 11

12:06 am EST – IW Legend Madhav writes an announcement about the army discontinuing on Club Penguin.

12:08 am EST – Madhav’s announcement is deleted by IW Creator Iceyfeet1234 showing signs of an internal conflict.

12:39 am EST – Former IW Second-In-Command Luna retires from IW.

12:34-1:00 am EST – WV obtains 5 more former IW-affiliated individuals into their army. Making a total of 7 former IW-affiliated individuals joining WV in the span of 2 hours.

1:36 am EST – IW Second-In-Command that joined in 2020, Crazyflame23 retires and joins the Water Vikings.

2:19 am EST – Former IW Leader Josh responds, saying that he does have a statement.

7:27 am EST – Help Force terminate their Alliance with the Ice Warriors, as they update their Nations Page.


9:41 am EST – Ice Warriors creator Iceyfeet1234 makes a statement regarding the ongoing situation.

2:29 pm EST – Swirl releases a third document about Icey’s previous statement and refuting claims.

3:10 pm EST – Josh provides an exclusive statement to CPA.

8:57 pm EST – IceQueen1020 releases a statement on the IW website. “A further update will be given on Sunday after a meeting with my Staff Team regarding IW’s status as a CP Army.”

Sunday, March 12

8:16 pm EST – Ice Warriors cease Club Penguin operations and become a gaming community.

Monday, March 13

5:11 pm EST – Subster releases a post regarding the situation.

Tuesday, March 14

2:44 pm EST – Josh releases a post regarding the situation on the same WordPress site as Subster’s post.

Wednesday, March 15

10:30 pm EST – April contacts Club Penguin Armies with a statement regarding the situation.

Uhm, so how this all started was from a dare from a friend, it was a dare to fake date someone for 24 hours. Nobody would do it with me, but Josh offered to help me out. We even discussed before we started if both of us were comfortable with it. We did acknowledge the age gap and that it may have been weird, but I had to go on with it. It was just for 24 hours, so we didn’t think it would be that bad. All we ended up doing was put on matching profiles and statuses. There was no romantic intent between us at all, and that was it really. I did appreciate that he helped me out though despite the age difference. We agreed afterwards that we wouldn’t match the way we did at that instant ever again. It was mentioned in IW as fake dating, and that’s an oversight on both of our ends. We didn’t intend for people to think we were in an actual relationship.

While I understand that that’s really off putting coming from Josh, I feel like him getting punished like this wasn’t fair at all. He did so much for the Ice Warriors as a Leader, he was there to mentor me while I was still a troop and even staff in IW. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It kinda hurt hearing he got punished severely over this incident, but it felt even worse when people claimed I was a victim of him. I feel bad for being part of this, and whether or not you decide to forgive him, at least know that he had no malicious intentions.


This post will be updated periodically when more information comes to light regarding the situation.

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      R.I.P IW. May it get better for everyone who deserves it better.

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    rest in piss

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    I like pears

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    Theres has been also several messages/sc in other news sites since recently about the old crew aka andrews reign. it would be nice to see that also mentioned in here

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