The Life Story of Claire: Water Vikings HCOM

Welcome to the very first edition of the column, The Life Stories of Higher Command Members of Armies. In this post, we shall be getting to know Claire, who is currently a Second in Command in the Water Vikings. Having joined the army three years back, she has certainly come a long way.

Claire joined the army community on September 23, 2020. She was recruited from the Club Penguin Rewritten server by Hydro to join the Water Vikings. Initially, she used to be very quiet in the army but would attend all of their events, as she grew a fondness towards the community. As days would pass, she started getting out of her shell little by little and made quite a few friends on the server, whilst attending movie and music nights there. From the very beginning, she was able to climb through the troop ranks very fast, given her activeness. Hence it would not come as a surprise when she received the role of Staff in Training on November 9, 2020, only a month after her joining.

Claire’s avatar at Water Vikings

As a person who was yet to understand the workings of an army, she took a while to grasp its ropes. Given her progress, it eventually became a light-hearted joke in the army, that she would probably never surpass the trainee role. However, soon after this, she started taking part in training sessions. Guncotton, a former leader of the army, and currently a Viking Legend and Advisor, played a major role in helping her learn about the different aspects of an army, like recruiting new troops and welcoming them. Once she got the hang of it, she came to be known as one of the recruiting forces within the army.

A recent event of Water Vikings led by Claire

Her promotion to Staff came in the wake of a new year, 2021. After becoming a Staff member in the army, she worked hard and put in the effort and dedication with her newly acquired recruiting and welcoming skills, whilst helping out the army during events, and being active in general. In just four months, she was welcomed into the Higher Command Team, receiving her promotion to Third in Command in April 2021. This is where she feels her dynamics with the army changed as now, she not only was more in touch with the leaders but also gained access to more information about the army, which enabled her to help them to a greater extent.

A Kite Flying Competition led by Claire as 3ic on May 9, 2021

Eventually, given her work ethic and diligence, she was promoted to the position of Second in Command. Since then, she has been serving in the army as a Second in Command, and to date, has the “trainee4eva” role, with courtesy to the joke mentioned earlier.

A practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation which was led by Claire

This is what Aaronstone, former leader of the Water Vikings, and current Viking Legend and Advisor, has to say about Claire –

Claire is a welcoming machine, always lending a hand where she can and actively attending events. Claire is a workhorse and a MAJOR part of our HCOM team.

We, at Club Penguin Armies, had the opportunity to have a conversation with Claire and get to know more about her.

You have been HCOM at Water Vikings for quite some time now. How does it feel to be a Higher Command of a renowned army like Water Vikings?

It’s really nice to be a part of it. I feel rewarded for my hard work during all of those years. The army is a great community. The staff is good as well. So I really enjoy it. And, though, my IRL is stepping up more and more cause I’m becoming a full adult and have responsibilities – I’m still doing my best for it, cause it makes me feel belonged.

What have been some of the memorable days/times in your army career so far?

I used to enjoy a lot being a trainee. Being a part of the staff server at that time, I got to learn new things about the army and made new friends along the way. When I became a trainee that’s when I started being an actual part of the army and the community. And, I miss this beginning. It doesn’t mean I don’t like where I am right now. I love what I do. But the beginning was lovely and fun, and I miss that feeling sometimes.

Has this journey from being a troop to a member of higher command changed you in any way as a person?

Yes, for sure. I’ve started to give more value to my hard work not just in the armies but in real life as well. I have learned how to recognize my limits and do my best according to them. I have also got to know about a bunch of cultures which changed my view and perspective of the world. It has also taught me how to talk to different people of all ages from different places, having opinions that may not always be similar to mine. And, I think, that’s essential in our lives.

According to you, what has been the best part about being an HCOM?

Having more tools to make the army better, in terms of the community and the army itself. The quote, “with great power come great responsibility” is true, and being given this power I’m always looking for doing the best in my capacity for getting recruits and helping out the leaders. Since I joined I always wanted to be a significant part of this community and being an HCOM helps with that.

What are your plans personally with the army, and what do you wish to achieve for/in the army?

My plans are focused on the community’s health mainly. Of course, I care about the growth of the army in terms of numbers and glory itself. But I look mainly for a good place to be in, which is ruled by prepared and great people. What holds me most in the army and in the whole community itself is this, the amazing people, cool things to do, and a place where I am accepted and feel belonged as I said earlier. So yes. I’d like to achieve 1st in Top Ten, and win great championships as MM and CC. But my main goal is to be kind, in a nice place with lovely people.

What would your advice be to the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

Find a place where you feel good, with people you like, and work hard for it! Being an HCOM requires giving your best for the army you belong to. Attend events, give suggestions, be active, and take every opportunity to do things so you can learn, and your work won’t be unnoticed!

Claire is living proof that through hard work and assiduousness, anything can be achieved. Throughout her time here, she has not only proven her loyalty toward the Water Vikings but is someone who many look up to, including me. Her conscientiousness and kindness are two features that make her who she is, and we cannot wait to see all that she is yet to do and achieve for herself and her army. From the whole of Club Penguin Armies, we wish Claire and the Water Vikings, the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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