Jodi Joins Janitors Leadership

As the Janitors continue to train to achieve their goals, we witness an addition in the leadership as Jodi gets inducted as the fourth leader of the generation. 

The Janitors reopened last month on February 4, for a third generation. The leadership consisted of Da Best, Komodo and Sachika. They are all known for their leadership in Mercenaries from which the trio retired on January 20. Janitors were able to acquire a maximum size of 10 in their reopening event and claimed the thirteenth position on their debut Top Ten.


Janitors Reopening Event – February 4

Despite it being only two weeks since the reopening, the army has taken some major steps to ensure development. One of such decisions was to stop using Club Penguin Armies Battleground and migrate to the newly opened private server Club Penguin Journey. However, more decisions were soon to follow.

On March 2, the Janitor’s leadership reached out to its members through the announcement channel in their server to announce their latest change, the induction of Jodi to the leadership team. The induction came as a surprise as they were recently promoted to Commander-in-Training on February 27. What can we expect to see from Jodi as a new leader of the Janitors?

Da Best announced Jodi's rise to the leader position

Da Best announced Jodi’s rise to the leadership position

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Jodi to find out about her experience in armies, and their goals for the army.

Who recruited you into armies, and how long have you been in armies for?

Da Best recruited me as a Second in-Command in January this year, and I became an admin last month to help in reaction roles and such things, and recently became a leader.

How does it feel on being inducted as the leader of Janitors?

It feels amazing, not gonna lie!

What are the goals you wish to attain for Janitors?

I just wish that this army is as big as possible while not allowing any toxicity in it, exactly why I’m a bit stricter with moderation.

How do you plan to make your army better than other S/M Armies?

As I said in my response above, I’m stricter with moderation the the other leaders/moderators are since I don’t tolerate any toxicity, therefore, I punish all the rule violators accordingly

Do you wish to add anything?

Nope, I don’t wish to add anything.

From the interview, we can conclude that Jodi has many desires for Janitors. One of their desires is to grow the army to make it as big as possible. It seems that Jodi has big aims and goals for the army. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her. Will Jodi be able to attain her goals? Will the Janitors rise to become a major army? Do you think the future will be bright for the Janitors? We wish Jodi and her army the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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