The Communist Party of CP’s Return Comes To a Halt

Over a month after their merge into Dark Vikings, the Communist Party of Club Penguin’s attempted comeback halts. 

Communist Party of Club Penguin Returns

The Communist Party of Club Penguin first opened its doors on November 9 2022. It was founded by Josh who led them to maxes of 12. While there are not many notable moments for the army, as of yet, Josh aimed to make it onto the Top Tens which they easily achieved within their first week. In this first week, they grabbed the seventh spot, over Mercenaries, in the Top Ten. While there were only eight armies on the Top Ten at the time, Josh saw his goal achieved and more.

The Communist Party during their training event in 2022

The closure of the army came just a couple of months later, in January 2023, as Krosive, Dark Vikings leader, announced the Communist’s merge into DV. While the merger may have come as a surprise to some, their close bond with DV was made in 2022 with a pact and alliance being made.

The Communists have now returned to the community after just over a month. Originally, Josh’s return was announced on January 23. He kickstarted their return by making himself a temporary leader, breaking the alliance made with DV. However, before the army could get started, they announced their newfound alliance and pact with the Penguins of Madagascar. It wasn’t until February 7 that they announced their reopening event.

The Communists tried to reopen their doors on Saturday, February 11 after an event with a max of two, earlier in the month. However, they postponed their official opening until Sunday, February 19 due to the last-minute unavailability of troops.

Before this attempt, Club Penguin Armies reached out to their founder, Josh, to find out more about their plans for the future.

What prompted the revival of the Communist Party army?

I think the fact that many other s/m armies are currently joining CPA and it looks like the community may be coming back from it’s drought of inactivity and disinterest. I think with the revival of many armies that the CPP might use this as a chance to try and come back as well.

Do you plan to lead this new generation yourself?

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the leadership deficit but I think for the time being I will be leading the army until one of our troops or another person is eligible and willing to lead the CPP.

Do you have any goals set for the army or future leaders?

As of current, the only goal is to establish an active community of fellow penguins and hopefully establish ourselves as a club penguin army.

What caused the breakdown of the DV pact and alliance?

What happened was Krosive or the leader of the DV’s sent me a proposal, to unite CPP with DV. I believe this was due to the CPP leaving CPA and becoming inactive, but none the less he came to me with a proposal. After consulting Bonk I was informed to enact a union with the DV and once that was done Bonk resigned as Tsar and took a leave of absence from discord. After the union I truly didn’t wish to be in the DV’s so I left to return to my original army ACP. After a not so complicated turn of events I decided to try to restart the CPP without Bonk which also led to the pact with the DV’s being broken due to the CPP technically not longer existing.

How will this generation differ from the last and what can we expect to see?

Well this generation hopefully will see new people joining the CPP and hopefully a gradual rise in active community members. If that happens then that’s one more army that has now entered into existence. But if that does not happen I’m afraid CPP may shut down forever simply due to a lack of staff and active members.

One week after their failed opening and just one day after the new reopening date, CPP has failed to reopen. It was later revealed that the event had been postponed. While there was no ping to signify an attempt at reopening the army, we can assume that things were happening behind the scenes.

Club Penguin Armies contacted Josh for a statement to find out what had happened and if we can expect to see the Communists reopen anytime soon.

It’s probably going to be postponed until I can put together a staff team to aid me in recruiting and actually sustaining an army. Sadly it doesn’t seem like there will even be a new generation at the moment.

While we may not see Josh at the helm of CPP for long, he is certainly preparing for all outcomes. Unexpectedly, their opening events didn’t go ahead so we are yet to see what CPP can truly bring to the table. Will CPP be able to open its doors? Or will it end up merging into another army, once again, before their journey has even begun? Only time will tell. We wish Josh and CPP all the best as they prepare for the second generation of the Communist Party army.

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