Taking On Their Next Undercover Mission: Penguins Of Madagascar Join The Army Community

The Penguins of Madagascar have left Circus Zaragoza to join the army community officially. Being led by Rye Bread and Logical, the army hopes to create a significant impact in the army community and make a name for themselves here, as they already have in Madagascar.

The Penguins of Madagascar was created by Rye Bread and Logical in late January 2023. Since then, the army has had two events and has recently allied with the Water Vikings and the Communist Party of Club Penguin. Their opening event was held a few hours back, for which 17 people showed up to welcome the army to the community. They plan on having an event for battle training scheduled for this Sunday.

Opening Event

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to talk to Rye and Logical and learn more about their new army.

What is the reason behind opening Penguins Of Madagascar?

Rye: For the past few months I’ve been wanting to open my own army, alongside Logical, and I don’t really know why. I guess this is just the next step in my army career.

Logical: It was an idea I and rye thought of back in 2022 and was just a concept at the time, but after we retired from SWAT she asked me if I wanted to create POM and I was all in from that day, I thought this would be a fun experience and wanted to put myself to the test.
I wanted to represent and create a army that doesn’t already have a big presence but instead build my own from the ground up.

Why did you decide to keep the name of the army as, “Penguins of Madagascar”?


Rye: Ahh, the name. Well, I was casually watching the movie, Penguins Of Madagascar, when I realized how perfect it was for an army. I actually couldn’t believe it hasn’t been made before, I had to check the army page to make sure it was original. 😭
I then dmed Logical being like “yo, you wanna make an army called penguins of Madagascar and the hcom is the 4 penguins?” and, after that POM was a little joke before it became a reality.


ImageThis is why.
POM was mentally created on 8/21/22.

There have been a lot of talks on how it is a supposed “meme” army. What do you have to say about that?

Rye: POM is not intended to be a meme army, colony, or ally army in any way. We took inspiration from the Madagascar Cinematic Universe of course, but the actual army will hopefully not have any similarities on the battlefield.

Logical: Well originally I think it was supposed to be, but as we put in work and started to see how fun it actually was, I think we realized that we wanted this to be an actual army and community of its own. And so a website and graphics were made and massive work was put into the server.

What have you planned for the army’s future, and how are you thinking to execute these plans?

Rye: My plans for POM are simple; fight, win, and have fun. I personally would love to achieve Major status, but that probably won’t be until months down the line. As some know, I have retired from the community, and want to stay true to that for as long as I can. Therefore, I won’t really be actively working for POM in my free time.

Logical: For the first few months I wanna dominate other s/m armies and be at the top of them all, by summer or a bit later I want to be major and ready to take the number 1 spot on the TT and war the top dogs. I want to compete and win tournaments and most importantly want a fun welcoming community where you can just have fun in.

Given that you have been around in the army community for quite some time, what would you say would be the learning experiences that you would like to incorporate within this army?


Rye: That’s a great question! I would say to get a good team going right off the bat. Make friends in your army, and actively help others if they have a question about CPA or the game itself. As a leader, you should never look down on the troops you recruited. Then over time, those people will become your new loyal staff team, and you can create a working system for each staff member. I’ve witnessed too many times that leaders tend to take over all the work that comes with moderating and planning. You need to trust your team and have confidence in your leadership. Don’t make it a chore.
Logical: I would like to incorporate in this army a strong and close staff team as that will make the army self-sufficient, and means not one single person would be doing all the work. I also want to add more fun events or activities into our weekly schedule that include anything even things such as troop interviews or staff interviews.
Something to keep the spice and entertainment level of our server at a high at all times.
Never a stale moment.
I also want to bring division battles to POM, as when I was in SWAT I took control and really pushed for the division battles as the troops loved them, its sad to see swat hasn’t done any since I left:pensiveshake~1:

Where do you see the army going in a few months’ time?

Rye: I honestly have no idea where the army will go in a few months! It’s hard to tell when you start from scratch. But with Logical and myself leading, and our amazing advisors and allies, we will DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD!! RAHHHHH

Logical: Major.
And to war.


It is always exciting to see a new face, be it a person, or an army pop up in the army community. The Penguins of Madagascar have certainly gotten off to a good start. However, only time will tell how long they can sustain good results. Rye and Logical seem to be determined, in making sure, that their army reaches a good position. We wish them and the army the very best. What will this adventure entail for the Penguins of Madagascar, and what does the future hold for the army? Will the Penguins will be successful in their mission?

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