Sweeping Their Way In: Janitors Return

The Janitors have made a comeback to the army community. Da Best has decided to revive the army once more, this generation being led by him, Komodo, and Sachika.

The Janitors was created by Da Best in April 2020. The army’s first generation lasted for a month and had Da Best, Pran, and Jaren as leaders, before closing in May. Following this, the Janitors soon came back, with the initiation of Club Penguin Rewritten. This time, they were active for a duration of two months, before merging into the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

Janitors 2nd Generation

As they say, “third time’s the charm”, the Janitors have returned to the community once again, this year. They had their revival event on February 4, for which a total of ten people showed up to welcome back the army into the community.


Janitors 3rd Generation Opening Event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Da Best to know more about this generation and his future plans for the army.

Why did you decide to revive Janitors?

Back before MCP Gen 2, MCP Gen 1 was still open when Midnight and I were planning to revive Janitors back then to be my “1 Final Army” but at the same time, Bull Hour got caught multilogging which forced me and Midnight to scrap the revival plans and revive MCP instead to restore the reputation of that army. Obviously, you can see that didn’t go according to plan with the army never picking up and the army most recently being nuked by a 2ic/3i. When the Leadership Team (me, Komodo, and Sachika) pulled out of MCP, we wanted a new army and so planned to revive Janitors as I wanted to prior to MCP Gen 2.

What is the inspiration behind the name “Janitors”?

From what I can remember (seeing this army opened in 2020) I got the inspiration of making an army after the Mop and Bucket item got released in Club Penguin Online and wanted to name the army “Mops of CPO” which when setting up the server I was told to rename it to Janitors of CPO which is what stayed with me since then.

What are your future plans with the army?

In Janitors, we want to host different types of events which is different from logging onto a server for 30 minutes and doing the same stuff over and over. We want to do events that will inspire our troops to attend which don’t require us to bribe them to log on with nitro giveaways or robux giveaways if we reach x max.

How will this generation differ from the previous generations?

The previous generations ran off 3 new leaders that are trying to learn the ropes of leading whilst leading. It also ran on a dictatorship idea in which the leaders barely had a say. After witnessing that in MCP, I took on board all the issues that the leadership found with Midnight and hope to achieve something that everyone in Janitor wants. This generation will also see more transparency in the main chat with the direction the army is going to hopefully have that door open of allowing troops to give their thoughts into the future of the army.

What are the things that you look forward to or plan on achieving in this generation?

The biggest issue with CPA is that all S/M armies these days are allies with Major armies which they use for size. Janitors wish to be able to achieve the same size as these armies but use no allies to prove that if you put a little more work into an army then you get the same results then if you try to skip that by begging a major army for size. We hope to bring in new creative and crazy events to bring enjoyment to the table instead of doing the same 1 event idea over and over.

Where do you see the army going in a few months from now?

Well in a few months from now we hope to be preparing for the first crazy event that we would do and secure a stable and consistent size that we can achieve in the respected timezones whilst maintaining activity in chat and keeping our troops entertained between events. We hope to have sorted out a website by then where we would adapt posting random stuff on the site to keep troops entertained including a weekly rundown of army events and stuff that has happened in the army that week. We hope to bring in changes that we wanted to bring into MCP that either got shut down by Midnight or we just never got to put in before leaving.

It seems that Da Best is all set to make a strong return to the community, and wishes to make this army different from what he has experienced before. We wish him, and the Janitors, the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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