Smile and Wave: Rye Announces Retirement

For the third time this month, Special Weapons and Tactics face yet another retirement as Rye announces her departure from the Special Agents. 

Special Weapons and Tactics Rye Retirement

The Special Weapons and Tactics continue to witness retirements as Rye, one of the army’s leaders, announced she would retire today, hoping for a new beginning elsewhere. In their retirement announcement, Rye explained that she no longer had time to serve as part of leadership and offered their opinion on the state of the army community. Part of its contents proposes new rules such as only invading adjacent servers during wars, realigning timezones, and removing the AUSIA curve. 

Rye retirement announcement

Rye announces her retirement from Special Weapons and Tactics.

Rye was recruited into the Dark Warriors from Club Penguin Online in May 2020, officially starting their army career. She then took a long break from the community, only to rejoin the Secret Service sometime later. She quickly fell in love with armies again and joined the Special Weapons and Tactics as a High-Command. On September 1, 2022, Rye won the Special Weapons and Tactics leader election and was officially inducted as Commander.

The Agents held a retirement event for Rye, which was also a practice battle against the Templars. The Agents managed to max 22 penguins online, where they bid farewell to Rye. Following the match, they circled Rye, sharing their favorite stories about her. 

Special Weapons and Tactics Rye Retirement event

Rye’s retirement event and battle with Templars

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Rye for an exclusive interview regarding their retirement and future plans.

What made you step down from leadership?

I stepped down for a few reasons. In my announcement post, I stated that I needed to start my life, get an education, and move out of where I currently live. I can’t be doing CPA during this time. I also felt unneeded in the leadership. When there were a whopping eight leaders at a time, I was viewed and acted more as HCOM, and I didn’t feel worthy of being a SWAT leader. Decisions were made without my input these past three months.

Did you achieve everything you wanted to as a leader?

I only achieved some of what I wanted; I still wanted to reach #1 and win a war or tournament. However, I’m honestly amazed by everything I did achieve over the six months. I’m very proud of SWAT and everyone who has grown with us.

How do you think the Special Weapons and Tactics will do after your retirement?

I think SWAT will crash and burn without me, as I was the glue that kept leadership stable. But as I now say, smile and wave, boys… smile and wave.

Are you planning on returning to the army anytime soon?

I will always have a soft spot for SWAT, so maybe in spring, I can return to HCOM. Or, I may have some other plans up my sleeve that will hopefully reach the surface.

Rye seems confident about her retirement and hopes to return to the army. Club Penguin Armies wishes Rye a happy retirement and best regards in her future. With this being the third retirement this month, how will the Agents do after Rye’s departure? 

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