Ice Warriors Reclaim Their Major Army Status

The Ice Warriors have officially reclaimed their major army status. After falling to small/medium in November 2022, the Warriors reclaim their place as a major army. Let’s take a look into what has happened since then and get to know what their plans for the future are.

The Ice Warriors was created by Iceyfeet1234 in June 2007. Since their recreation in the CPPS era (2019), they have seen the rise and fall of multiple armies.  However, they’ve been able to maintain their presence as a force to be reckoned with. From their threepeat of March Madness wins to war domination, they have certainly impressed many people within the community

Despite this, their fall to small/medium status began in November 2022 as they started to host fewer Club Penguin events. This was following the retirements of Dr Queen and Freedomist in October. Their lack of Club Penguin events led to less of a focus on the Top Tens. Soon after, they silently exited the league. This didn’t stop them from being included on the Top Tens though.

While the Warriors were absent from the Top Ten from October 23 to November 5th, they returned during the week of their silent exit, maxing 17 in one of their two events that week.

The Ice Warriors’ Battle against Help Force in November 2022

Since then, they have been present in the Top Tens and have gone from being stagnant to rising. During the last week of December, they clutched on to 4th place, seeing a major rise of +3 places. They continued this form into 2023 as they reached 2nd place for the first time since May/June 2022. One factor that contributed to this rise could’ve been the induction of their newest leader Josh who ultimately replaced Levelz, who retired shortly after.

From maxing 17 in November to 37 for Levelz’s Retirement event earlier this month, the Warriors’ rise has been evident. The Top Tens, however, are ever-changing and are only going to get more intense as the year continues.

Ice Warriors’ battle vs Help Force for Levelz’s retirement

What are the Warriors’ plans going forward though? Do they aim to reach the top?

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Ice Warriors’ Leader, Josh, to find out their plans for the future and their thoughts on their rise.

You recently reclaimed Major status after a few months of being an S/M army, what do you think contributed to this?

I feel like the biggest contributor to that had to have been the efforts pulled off from the staff team as a whole. There has been more recruiting in addition to troops that are making accounts and joining their first event. Hopefully, we can keep up this consistency in upcoming weeks.

Did focusing on non-cp events for a short time help the army stabilize and how so?

For a while it did, it helped us branch out our events to see what our community had wanted to see the most. The CP events were starting to stale quite a bit, so we had to add a bit of variety, it still works pretty well.

With March Madness just two months away, are you aiming to reclaim this title?

So our plans in regards to tournaments still haven’t been discussed among leadership yet, for now we’re just seeing where we are in terms of the strength of the army right now and if it’s tournament battle ready.

With that said, what are your plans for the future?

As for future plans, it’s mainly to keep a high retention in the community. Obviously, without a community, we wouldn’t be the Ice Warriors we are right now. Keeping the army to be strong is something I’m hoping to see in the long run as well. We came back on the army radar more recently, so we’re proving we shouldn’t be underestimated

While their break of Club Penguin events hindered their Top Ten progress as well as their major status, it seems to have benefitted them. Now, Ice Warriors are back and ready to fight. Josh seems positive about their fight back to major and keeping up the hype. We can’t wait to see whether they will become a dominant force once again. Will they maintain this good run? Do you think they will take the community by surprise by claiming the March Madness trophy in just under two months?

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