Tsunami Rising: Water Vikings Return

In a highly anticipated culmination of efforts, the Water Vikings have once again sailed back into the community. What led up to this return and what do they hope to achieve?

Water Vikings Return

The Water Vikings were initially created in 2010 by Zakster and Jed Pen following a merge of the Masked Vikings and Water Troops. The Water Vikings have a very expansive history within the original Club Penguin, having accrued many wars victories, and notably placed second in the Legends Cup VI in 2015.

In their most recent generation, they took home their first major tournament victory in the Champions Cup VI. They have won numerous wars notably against the likes of the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics. The Vikings have been a consistent contender in the Top Ten, placing second a few times throughout 2022. Their most recent leadership consisted of Aaronstone42 leading alongside recently promoted leaders, Dino and Mabel. The Water Vikings had also made it to the finals of the Legends Cup XII tournament, where they faced against the Templars. Eventually, their maxes began to dwindle following the Legends Cup XII tournament. This, as well as “internal issues” resulted in a temporary closure. However, on January 8, Dino announced their return under the leadership of himself and Mabel.

Water Vikings Return Announcement

DIno’s announcement of the return

On January 15, Water Vikings returned with a wave of hype, maxing an impressive 27 penguins in their return event. This event also functioned as a practice battle with their brother allies, the Ice Warriors. Following the return event, former Water Vikings leader Koloway was added to the Advisory Board.

Water Vikings Return Event

Water Vikings return event pictured above

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Water Viking leaders, Dino and Mabel for an exclusive interview regarding the return.

What made you decide to return now specifically?

Dino: There was a lot of interest in a revived WV—both externally and within our own ranks. The plan kinda was always to revive; we wanted to take the shutdown period as time to focus internally. WV was practically non-existent internally with poor communication between us [the leadership] and staff. Since we didn’t have to worry about event hosting, wars, tournaments, top tens, etc. it enabled us to desperately focus internally. Internally it’s still not perfect any means but there’s been massive improvement with a large majority of our staff and HICOM saying as such. That made us confident in our decision to revive. Additionally, all agreed that WV had to revive before February. If we waited too long to revive, people would move on. The anniversary event clearly showed there was still interest. Besides, how else are we going to win March Madness if we revive later in the year. 😉
Mabel: Our original plan from Dino’s perspective was to have us return sometime in January. There isn’t really much to a reason for it, but it was definitely to give the leaders and staff time to freshen up before we came back! We didn’t have a planned date for our actual return for awhile. Like I said we knew we wanted it to be in January, but the decision came up in December.

How do you think the Water Vikings will function under your leadership?

Dino: I’m not going to prematurely state in an interview what we’re going to aim to accomplish since we just revived. There’s obvious some things we’d need to do long-term but that requires us to work in the present, not wait for the future. Ultimately the main goal is just get back to major status and stay there. Nothing more, nothing less.
Mabel: We’re just going to keep it slow for now, have practice battles against other armies, etc. Of course we’re still working on growing the army and what not, but we still want to make things fun and interesting for everyone!

How did you feel about the Return Event?

Dino: I did hope for more but I’m not going to say it was bad by any means. Things looked positive today so I’m hoping the same progress can continue can continue.
Mabel: Honestly it was a really good event! I love the fact that we and the Ice Warriors can just throw little insides jokes at one another. And even though it was our return event, we let our HCOM take the wheel for most of it, obviously wanting to finally let them all get a chance at it. Overrall, I’m happy with how it went, very nerve wrecking for our HCOM who were leading for most of it, but it’s a good start especially with our return!

Any final thoughts or things to add?

Dino: no

From the interviews above it is evident that the Vikings have solid plans for this generation. Reclaiming major army status and a potential March Madness victory would be a massive achievement for the historic army. We are eager to see what they will accomplish next. What will the future hold for the Water Vikings?

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