Dark Vikings’ Capitalist Merge

After months of inactivity, the Communist Party of Club Penguin has decided to merge with the Dark Vikings. What led to the merger, and was it the right step for both armies?

The Communist Party originally opened on November 9, led by the founder Josh. Josh joined the community in 2017 and enlisted in the Army of Club Penguin for around two years. He would later leave for around a year, though eventually, he would find himself back with the Clovers. After another year of servitude, he would finally depart from the Army of Club Penguin to form the Communist Party.

Communist Party debut event maxing 7.

During its brief existence, the Communist Party held eight events reaching a max size of 12 penguins online. It was initially a struggle for the Communists to get approved; however, they quickly formed a pact and alliance with the Dark Vikings. With the help of their newfound allies, Club Penguin Armies approved the Communists on November 17. A month after opening, on December 26, Josh announced that the Communist Party would leave the league. His final message to the community’s leaders suggested he didn’t believe it was worth the time for the Communists.

One of the last events the Communist Party held.

On January 6, Krosive, Dark Vikings leader, announced to the Communist Party discord server that they had merged into the Dark Vikings. After the merger, Josh retained a staff position. The announcement, as noted above, was posted a week after the Communist Party departed from the league and after an inactivity spell that began on November 31. Krosive said he believed the Communists were “slowly dying” and would help them max 25 by June.

Krosive announces that the Communist Party has merged into the Dark Vikings.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Josh for an exclusive interview regarding the events that led up to the merger and the plans for the future.

What events led to the merge?

I think the most recent war and the fact that armies such as the Red Ravagers and the Water Vikings “temporarily shut down” caused me to worry about the CPP. If such big armies were shutting down like that, what precedent did that set for an army of 15?

Why did you decide to merge into Dark Vikings?

The CPP merged with DV for protection, stability, and the ability for our voices to be heard. I doubt we could have accomplished much due to the current environment and the lack of a greater community. Therefore in light of war, inactivity, and a bunch of big armies falling apart, we merged to survive.

What do you aim to do now that you are in Dark Vikings?

Whilst I am in the Dark Vikings, I may return to my very first club penguin army (ACP), as it’s the only thing outside of the CPP that I consider family in this community. My first days in this community were spent there, and so will my last, so I plan to retire from my position in DV as my allegiance is with ACP.

Will there ever be a revival of the Communist Party?

The CPP may make a comeback or, like many other armies, may never see the light of day again. I hope it comes back in the future, and anybody who wishes to help make that a reality may message me, but for the time being, everything is undecided.

Would you like to say anything else?

I believe in this community, and what it has to stand for, and I hope that this community continues to thrive even though recently it hasn’t. So I’ll leave you all with a quote, “Together, we can build an island, create a community, change the world… And even tip an iceberg, waddle on my fellow penguins, waddle on…”.

As we can tell from both Krosive and Josh, the merger has proved to be mutually beneficial. The interview contents show that Josh is still deciding whether to stay in the Dark Vikings or move back to the Army of the Club Penguin. Only time will tell what will happen in the future.

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