Troubled Allies War’s Unexpected Ending

As the new year progresses, the dust has finally set on the last war of 2022. After many battles throughout the holidays, the Troubled Allies War finally ended, but not by traditional means.

Troubled Allies War End

After waiting for the server freeze to end, the Cirus Alliance, made up of the Dark Vikings, Army of CP, and Templars, declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics on December 20. In their declaration, the Clovers accused the Agents of aggression toward their brother ally, Help Force, plots to invade Army of CP land, troop stealing, and general disrespect of their staff. The Special Agents and Tactics issued no reply, and the war continued for ten dramatic days. Following twelve battles, two reviews, one invalid result, and a bot raid, Templars successfully invaded the Agent’s capital.

DV invasion Alabama Troubled Allies

Dark Viking’s invasion of Alabama was ultimately ruled invalid.

The fall of Parka left the Agents no capital, resulting in force treaties from Templars and Dark Vikings on December 31. In identical treaties, the Templars and Vikings demanded the Agents announce their loss and imposed terms regarding event raids and mergers. The Army of CP remained the only member of the Circus Alliance without a treaty until January 7. Legoman announced a mutual treaty between the armies, ending their hostilities. Both armies would keep their obtained servers and disclose the final war score to their armies.

Troubled Allies War DV Force Treaty SWAT

Force treaty presented by Dark Vikings, identical to the one by Templars.

However, a fight over map rules left the validity of the force treaties in question, requiring administrators to step in. Yesterday, Spotty, Chief Executive Producer, informed the community that the force treaties were invalid. Special Weapons and Tactics secured two additional servers before Templars invaded Parka, avoiding the force treaties. The war would still end due to the successful invasion of Parka, but voluntary treaties were necessary between Special Weapons and Tactics, Templars, and Dark Vikings.

Troubled Allied War Treaties Invalid

Spotty’s announcement to leaders regarding the validity of the force treaties.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the leaders of Army of CP, Dark Vikings, Special Weapons and Tactics, and Templars for a statement. As of publication, Dark Vikings has not responded.

Calgo, Army of CP: ACP and SWAT have already begun slowly reconciling our issues with each other, especially between leaders. Despite initial frustration and anger from both sides regarding the initial treaty proposal, we ultimately had to put our differences aside and find common ground if we were to reach a mutual agreement. Despite our past issues, Legoman and I sat on VC for several hours the first night, discussing our differences and finding compromises. I commend SWAT for ultimately working with us to create something that you don’t honestly see happen in this community that often (more on that in a bit). While our relations have begun to heal slowly, neither side will forget what happened necessarily and that there are still scars left from the conflict. I wanted to go with a voluntary treaty rather than a forced one because I am incredibly anti-force treaties. After all, they can harm armies and the community at large. On top of that, they remove the fun from the community and are a bit lazy. If this community is to flourish again under the umbrella of war, we must remove force treaties and put more effort into wrapping up our wars. Cutting corners should no longer be an option.

Legoman, Special Weapons and Tactics: I am content with the war’s outcome. SWAT was able to max 32 four times within one week regardless of the time zones, tie a few rooms and take four armies to overtime. Obviously, the war score would have been SIGNIFICANTLY different if any of the opposing armies had engaged in a 1v1 war with us. Calgo is definitely writing an essay regarding SWAT and ACP relations, so I’ll keep it brief. In the time it took Calgo to write his essay, I did five sets of barbell cleans with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Back to the topic at hand, I have no issues with ACP, and our treaty shows that the conflict between our armies has subsided. Templars and DV are both quite mid.

Nicky, Templars: Feeling good with the victory, beat them 3-0 in all battles we faced them in and was a good way to end the year. We plan to reach out to them about a treaty.

It seems fitting that the Troubled Allies War has a dramatic end, given the war’s occurances. Time will tell if the Clovers and Agents can reconcile their alliance. As of now, there isn’t a certainty about additional mutual treaties with the Special Weapons and Tactics. As one war ends, will this twisted ending result in another war sometime soon?

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