All Quiet on the Helper Front as Snowy Retires

After serving as Help Force for 13 months, Snowy has announced she will be retiring on January 8. She has been a core member of the army’s leadership lineup through many rises.

On January 2, Help Force commander Snowy scheduled an event for January 8, billed as “Snowy’s Retirement Event” and captioned with “Yes, you read that right.” Snowy has been an integral part of Help Force for approximately 13 months, co-leading for a good portion of her leadership with Desireus, Rooboo, and Wynn. The event reached a max of 33.

The scheduling of Snowy's retirement event from the Help Force discord.

Snowy revealed her intention to retire on the 8th in an event scheduled filing

Snowy first joined the community in August 2018 as a member of the Helpers but was relatively inactive until the winter when she joined the Fashion Army and became co-leader. She would rejoin Help Force in February as a member of their staff and would serve for a good chunk of 2019, once again retiring in 2020.

Snowy rejoined one last time, but with a twist. She started at the very bottom of the Helper ranks. Quickly, she was able to move up before later becoming leader in December 2021. During her time as leader, the army was able to see much success, especially in March Madness 2022.

Picture of Snowy’s retirement event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Snowy to see what her future plans are moving forward.

What have been your favorite moments in Help Force or armies in general?

My favorite moments have been reaching the finals in March Madness and getting to watch the army grow over the years.

Where would you like to see the remaining Help Force leaders take the army?

I’d like to see the current Commanders bring Help Force (HF) to new heights and dominate both the Top Tens (TT) and tournaments.

What have you learned from leading?

I’ve learned many things from leading, including leadership skills, how to run a cult, and how to permanently silence visitors or your enemies.

Do you have a message you’d like to share for the community at large?

Elp is the greatest.

While it is sad to see her go, there is no denying Snowy has been an integral part of the Help Force. We wish Snowy all the best. Do you think the Helpers will be able to recover from the loss of their 2022 leaders?

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