Bose DK Warriors Returns in a Curry Callback

After months of a shrinking community, another army sets the stage for its return with a spicy kick.

The idea to make the Bose DK Warriors came from a conversation on October 22, 2021 in the community’s judges chat. Inspired by a popular Indian rock song, the army initially made a splash in the community. While it was unsure if this was an additionally “meme” army to the community, they quickly began racking up formidable sizes for a small/medium sized army. Additionally, their creator Diwix denied that the army was a proxy army for the Help Force. The red army even had a run in with the Templars in their very own war.

Announcing the revival through popular vote

On December 26, the Warriors held a reopening event in order to register as an official army. Unfortunately, the last we saw heard from the army was when they no-showed Beach Brawl II. The army shut down with no closing event due to general lack of time by its leaders. Diwix always teased the possibility of a return and the curry has finally been served once more.

Opening event

Club Penguin Armies was able to get a word with one of their founders, Diwix.

What is the reason behind reopening Bose DK Warriors?

Well I was bored and had time on my hands. [I] thought [to myself,] “Why not bless CPA with our return?”

What are your plans for the army this time around?

Dominate the Top Ten with our curry as we have always in the past.

With recent months only having six to seven armies being featured on the Top Ten, it surely won’t be hard for the Warriors to make their Top Ten comeback. It’ll be interesting to see if Bose DK will enter the map, and how they will contribute to the current community dynamics. Will there be more conflict with Templars or will the Warriors find a new opponent?

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