Christmas Chaos XII: Grand Finals Results

The highly anticipated Grand Finals of Christmas Chaos XII have now concluded. Two rival armies face off for the reward of being crowned holiday champions. With multiple prizes being awarded to their troops to ensure maximum attendance, the battle was sure to make history.

The final round of the Christmas Chaos XII featured a close race to the finish line. Following their recent victory in the Legends Cup, it was the Templars facing off against the defending champs in Rebel Penguin Federation.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Templars

It was a very close battle, with each army taking turns holding the advantage. The Rebel Penguin Federation eked out a victory in the first room, only in part thanks to covering the Templars with their varied tactics. However, the second room was a tie as both armies with judges remarking that the two armies had multiple troops suddenly go idle during the battle. With only the third room to go, the Templars still had the chance to turn it around. And that they did, they ended up winning the third room won by not only entering the room first but by showing a variety of formations that completely dominated the Rebels.

It came down to an overtime room where the winner would all be decided. Overtime, an occurrence where the first three rooms no longer mattered and the only thing that did was how the army performs under the overtime pressure. Right before the overtime began it was discovered that the a couple troops were room sniping. With a room decided on, both armies entered strong but eventually the Rebels took an advantage in not only size but by managing to surround the Ice Berg; thus, eventually winning overtime, the Rebels were determined the victors.

Upon the victors announcement, there was submissions for review to take place. After taking a day to deliberate, the verdict stands. Therefore that means the winners of the Christmas Chaos XII are once again the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The final moments of Christmas Chaos XII

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Club Penguin Armies sat down with two leaders from the finalist armies to get their reaction on how the tournament went.

How do you feel about the result?

Elexonck, Rebel Commander: Pretty good. The battle itself was so fast paced that the sense of relief after winning is real.

Xing, Templars Leader: It was a good result but we are challenging it as room [one] was very much in our favor and we are challenging the battle on that basis.

What do you think was the most important factor in your win?

Elexonck: The huge turnout from our members as well as our infamous veterans. Not only that, but the fact they remained logged on and engaged throughout the whole battle in order to help us to victory.

What do you think is the strongest argument for giving Templars the victory in the first room?

Xing: We covered them soundly and our formation choices most definitely helped in that. Our plus took up the entirety of the middle of the room and covered their upside down T. Our upside down V did counter their L very well and helped us in that aspect. [The Rebels] were very stagnant with regards to switching forms and creativity. Word tactics were on the same level with each other.

Do you think there was anything you could have done better during the battle?

Elexonck: Looking back I can say “Oh, maybe a different form would’ve worked better for this part,” but in the heat of the battle you don’t know how your decisions are going to pan out. I don’t particularly regret anything.

Xing: We could’ve been a bit more constant with tactics but I believe what we did was sufficient enough.

As you can see both armies gave it their all to compete for the coveted end-of-the-year-tournament trophy. Congratulations to the Rebel Penguin Federation on their victory in the tournament and a good effort to the Templars who are coming off a successful year as well! What can we expect for Christmas Chaos XIII? 

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