Top Ten Armies [December 4th – December 10th]

Christmas Chaos has officially started unfolding with the first round over and the Semi Finals halfway through. However, as big of a week as this is, it comes with its surprises as we have just 6 armies hosting events.  So for the first time, we are presenting you with a Top 6.

Top Ten Armies

1. Templars [74.16] [↑0]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [53.80] [↑2]

3. Special Weapon and Tactics [48.78] [↓1]

 4. Help Force [43.79] [↓1]

5. Army of Club Penguin [30.30] [↑0]

6. Ice Warriors [27.50[↑0]

Click here for the Top Ten Statistics.


Stat Digest

  • The Templars had the largest maximum size this week – a total of 59 present at their Invasion of Queens
  • Special Weapons and Tactics and the Rebel Penguin Federation held the most events this week – a  total of 5.
  • The largest UK/US average size was 55.66, from the Templars, while the top AUSIA average size was 21 – achieved by the Help Force.
  • 4/6 armies hosted AUSIA division events this week.
  • The Special Weapons and Tactics and Help Force had the largest drop this week, of 1 position. Meanwhile, the Rebel Penguin Federation had the biggest rise, ranking up 2 positions.
  • The Communist Party of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings and Mercenaries of CP are not present on this week’s Top Ten Armies after failing to host any events.


1. Templars

⚡️ Number of Events: 3

🏅 Maximum Size: 59 at their Invasion of Queens.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 39 at their “Operation: CCXII Quarter Finals”.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 2 places in the past month.


3. special weapons and tactics

⚡️ Number of Events: 5

🏅 Maximum Size: 40 at the Operation: Christmas Chaos XII.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 1 place in the past month.


4. Help Force

⚡️ Number of Events: 4

🏅 Maximum Size: 32 at CCXII Semis.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Down 2 places in the past month.



⚡️ Number of Events: 2

🏅 Maximum Size: 13 at their “Aces of Ausia Rewind”

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.

6. Ice Warriors

⚡️ Number of Events: 2

🏅 Maximum Size: 23 at their CCXII Semis Training.

📈 Top Ten Trend: Up 0 places in the past month.


Thank you to this week’s Top Ten Calculations Committee: aubz, DrQueen, Link3000, Mchappy, Mogi, Nicky, omsk, Spotty, Wynn

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