Christmas Chaos XII Round One Results

The Qualifying Round of Christmas Chaos XII has now concluded, as three armies successfully advance into the semi-finals next week. Find out who they are, and exactly what happened during this first round.

Round one of Christmas Chaos XII saw two rematches of this year’s Legends Cup XII tournament that took place earlier in October. The Ice Warriors were due to fight the Mercenaries, the Help Force were against the Army of Club Penguin once more, whilst the Special Weapons and Tactics logged on opposite the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Ice Warriors vs. Mercenaries

The first battle of the Christmas Chaos XII tournament was set to see the Ice Warriors and the Mercenaries go face to face. However, the Mercenaries chose to drop out of the tournament,  granting the Ice Warriors a victory and becoming the shortest battle of the Qualifying Round. Therefore, the Warriors have now secured a spot against the Templars in the semifinals, proving most predictions to be correct.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Army of Club Penguin vs. Help Force

The second battle saw a rematch between the Army of Club Penguin and Help Force, that was predicted to be very close. Both armies were eager to meet again so soon to see if history were to repeat itself, as their battle in Legends Cup XII ending a clover victory. However, it did not, as the Help Force managed to pull into the semifinals with a  3-0 victory due to their larger size, and faster formations and movements.

Winner: Help Force

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The last battle of Christmas Chaos XII saw another rematch of Legends Cup XII, with Special Weapons and Tactics up against the Rebel Penguin Federation. However, like the previous tournament the Rebels once again won their battle. This time they won it with a 2-0-1 score, due to them taking advantage of their size, allowing them to cover up their opponents with their cleaner tactics.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

With the Qualifiers of Christmas Chaos XII completed, the semifinal is met with a rematch from last year, as the Templars are set to face the Ice Warriors, whilst the Rebel Penguin Federation are up against the Help Force. Club Penguin Armies wishes the remaining armies the best of luck as they fight to reach this year’s Christmas Chaos Finals.

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