Christmas Chaos XII: Round One Predictions

Christmas Chaos XII is set to commence on December 3rd with a grand total of seven armies participating. Various members of the community have been asked for their Round One predictions. Who does the community think will advance to the Semifinals?

The twelfth edition of Christmas Chaos will commence this Saturday, December 3rd. Six of the seven armies will be partaking in Round One, with the Templars receiving a bye and advancing to Round Two of the competition. Let’s take a look at what the community predicts for the first round of Christmas Chaos XII!

Ice Warriors Vs. Mercenaries

The Ice Warriors are set to battle the Mercenaries to kick off the tournament. The winner of this match will face the Templars in the Semi-Finals. This will be the first time the two armies battle each other. The Ice Warriors are predicted to be the winners of this battle considering they could easily max 20+ in the battle, while the Mercenaries are predicted to max a bit less.

Ice Warriors Vs. Rebel Penguin Federation during Christmas Chaos XI Finals, December 18 2021

Aaronstone, CPA Advisor and Head Moderator: I expect IW to come out on top here, IW just has a really good vet pool and they pull up when they need to so because of those reasons I think IW wins this.

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: I’m aware of the state of IW and frankly due to what has happened in the past weeks, it does open the door for a valid conversation on whether Mercenaries will beat them or not. Ice Warriors is still the bigger army though (even as late as this past week’s TT). Do I think Mercenaries can pull an upset? Absolutely but it’ll require them to take advantage of their objectively smaller size. That means staying onto of speed, bombs, and creativity. I still think IW is the favorite because they will definitely have the size advantage and they know how to take advantage of their size. Overall I’d say IW will win, but I see this being closer than it really should.

Nicky, Templars Leader: I think Ice Warriors will easily win this one, they are a more trained army than Mercenaries and they can get way more on than mercenaries with well trained veterans so with size and tactical advantage, I believe Ice Warriors will win 3-0 most likely.

Kally, CPA Advisor: I think between these two, Ice Warriors have much more experience in tournaments, which will definitely help them. Considering their sizes are usually higher than Mercs as well, I think Ice Warriors will take the win.

Josh, CPCP Leader: I do believe that the Mercenaries would win, simply due the fact that recently the Ice Warriors haven’t been able to amass the forces they used to have. To finish that statement I also think Mercenaries themselves are a solid army and will be able to win thanks to their perseverance and good staff.

Special Weapons and Tactics Vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Special Weapons and Tactics will face the Rebel Penguin Federation for the second battle of the tournament. Unlike the previous battle of Round One, this one is set to be close. SWAT has been rising lately recently achieving its Major status, but RPF can surely max high as seen from their previous battles. Although SWAT took the win during their last battle in Legends Cup, RPF is predicted to come more prepared than ever and take the win this time.

SWAT Vs. RPF, October 1st 2022, Round One of Legends Cup XII

Aaronstone, CPA Advisor and Head Moderator: Oooh boy the rematch from Legends Cup, I think that RPF will squeak out with a win here. I think that Legends Cup was a wake up call for them and their battle after SWAT was DQ’d proved that. So I think that RPF will squeak by SWAT here 2-1.

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: SWAT has been a machine in the past month. Honestly this is going to be a major battle because Pandor’s multilogging is still fresh in everyone’s minds. SWAT will definitely treat this as serious since they finally want to show they can overcome RPF without malice (even if they didn’t condone what Pandor did). I’m sure RPF will treat this as a big objective for far reasons as well. I’m going to say RPF will edge out SWAT simply due to their veteran pool and ability to shock everyone. They put up a very strong fight in Legends Cup semifinals (better than the finals’ army) and I think the same will be true again. But I’m open to admit SWAT might shock us and make this a 2-1 battle instead of 3-0 RPF.

Nicky, Templars Leader: This battle could be quite close but not close enough to go into OT as SWAT has proved that they can get high sizes and they beat RPF in LC and would have gone to the semifinals as the multilogs had no effect on the battle as it was pre battle, however I believe that RPF will win this one as they can max 30+ and from the LC battle, they will most likely come even more prepared this time to make sure they can secure a win and RPF is very good with formations and tactics.

Kally, CPA Advisor: SWAT and RPF have been really similar in sizes lately, and both are fierce on the battle field. Even though SWAT has been doing great lately, I still believe in RPF taking the win, mostly because their tournament track record is rock solid.

Josh, CPCP Leader: Swat and RPF from a first glance seem like evenly matched armies, both with good tactics and active staff. But from watching their recent battles I do think RPF will win do in part to their massive army and their constant activity.


Army of Club Penguin Vs. Help Force

The last battle of Round One will be the Army of Club Penguin against the Help Force battling it out for a place in the Semi-Finals. In one of the latest Club Penguin Armies Top Tens (November 13th-19th), the difference between the Help Force and Army of CP was just 0.28 points, with HF coming in second place and ACP in third. This week in the Top Ten they had a point differential of about 8 points.  Just like the previous battle of Round One, this one is set to be even closer.

ACP Vs. HF, October 2nd 2022, Round One of Legends Cup XII

Aaronstone, CPA Advisor and Head Moderator: This one is a toss-up for me honestly after seeing what ACP did during Legends Cup, I think that it also woke up HF a bit considering their placements as of late. If HF brings their vets it should be easy for them, but dont count out ACP here either because they also have a large vet pool. If ACP brings their vets and their leaders do well in the battle this might be the closest battle of round 1.

Dino, Water Vikings Leader: Rematch from Legends Cup once again. Uhh this is tough…ACP is definitely improving substantially and so is HF. Calgo is becoming a genuine force to be reckoned with and is crafting himself into the new Koloway in a way. For the first time in over a year, ACP is being considered a competitive force again. Wynn was a great leader and diplomat, yet it seems like HF somehow moved to immediately replace her and avoid a possible dip. And you know what? It worked, even improving from the Wynn era (although sample size is still small). I think that shows how resilient and competent HF is. Controversial take I suppose, but HF will win in overtime. ACP will want to repeat what happened in October, but HF just simply cannot be counted out. ROOBOO, Snowy, and Desireus are like a one-two-three punch. This is going to be closest battle of the three, and I look forward to it.

Nicky, Templars Leader: This battle has potential to be quite close but I believe that Help Force will win as recently they have been maxing more than ACP, however ACP will most likely max a similar size to Help Force with veterans so it will be up to which army will have better tactics most likely and I believe that HF will be the stronger army.

Kally, CPA Advisor: Looking at the past top tens, ACP hasn’t been quite as high as Help Force, but it’s important to remember that HF’s strength has often been their AUSIA division. It will definitely be a close battle, but I think the stampers will have more troops to back them up, giving them the win. Although, who knows, maybe ACP will surprise us!

Josh, CPCP Leader: I recently attended a couple of both armies events and to start off I’d personally say both armies are slowly starting to lose their active player base as the people who once made the communist that makes up these army’s grows old and leaves. But one is still better then the other and from what I’ve seen I believe the Army of CP will be able to amass a bigger troop count then HF.


It seems that all battles will be really close, with some maybe even going to overtime. As of right now, we can’t be sure who will win each battle. This will surely be an intense weekend. We would like to wish all armies participating good luck in their battles.

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