A Look Back on Christmas Chaos XI

In 2021, the army community saw a tight race between armies going for the prestigious Christmas Chaos trophy in its 11th edition. Despite the lack of a unified community, the tournament still brought activity up and had unexpected results with close battles.

Christmas Chaos is one of the two staple tournaments that takes place at the end of the year and brings activity up right before the holidays. Last year, the tournament was ran by army leaders. This is due to the two different leagues operating at the time. The tourney was operating on the private server Club Penguin Rewritten, with connection and kicking issues running amok. The tournament saw nine armies participate with close battles and unexpected results each round.

Christmas Chaos XI

The biggest upset of round one was the unexpected victory from the Special Weapons and Tactics against the Red Ravagers. At the time, predictions had that the Red Ravagers would win their qualifier and move on to the next round. The odds did not stop the Agents from pulling an upset victory and moving on to the next round.

Christmas Chaos XI, Special Weapons versus Ravagers

As we move on to the Semifinals, big matchups were expected to take place. First was the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force fight with the Rebels winning in a clean sweep. This round also saw an extremely close battle between the Ice Warriors and Templars. Both armies were not only close in size but also managed to keep up with one another in fast paced tactics. In the end, the Warriors were able to edge out a victory by winning one room and tieing the other two.

Christmas Chaos XI, Semifinals

In the end, the Grand Finals saw a rematch of the previous year’s Christmas Chaos: the Rebel Penguin Federation against the Ice Warriors. It was a narrative the community become all too familiar with as the two giants- and allies- fought to see who would claim the Christmas Chaos XI trophy. After a fierce battle, the Rebels took the trophy once again with a 2-1-1 victory.

Christmas Chaos XI trophy

Christmas Chaos XII has been announced and the bracket has already launched. Who do you think will win this time? Will the Rebels be able to keep up their Christmas Chaos winning streak?

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