Action Taken Swiftly as Red Ravagers Shut Down

Before a month even hits, the Red Ravagers announce that they are closing their doors once more. The news of the shut down came quickly after the Ravagers failed to invade free land.

After being on a three month break, the Red Ravagers promised to make a comeback following an October 18 announcement by Commander Actionspark. Ravagers were originally created on May 2020 by Honda and Max and, for quite some time, were a core part of the small-medium army community. The army had only hosted two events in the three weeks it had returned for. Both weeks the Ravagers found themselves at the bottom of the Top Ten at eighth.

Closing event, November 12

Despite their most recent generation making far less of an impact, the news of the imminent shut down still came at a surprise as the Ravagers planned to host free land invasions. Throughout the community, many more have closed their “army doors” within the past month: Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. An already hurting small-medium community is now continuing to shrink even more so as the Top Ten fails to reach even ten armies in the past month.

Closing notice

Club Penguin Armies was able to get in touch with BoMoBuddy, former Ravagers Commander, for an interview.

Can you give a statement regarding the recent closure of the Red Ravagers?

It is unfortunate that the timing of our reopening just didn’t work out. The entirety of our team has a life outside of [armies] and, for our mental health, we had to pick and choose what is more important to us, and Red Ravagers wasn’t it.

Unfortunately, this generation of the Ravagers burnt out quickly. Do you think this was the last attempt?

There aren’t any current plans for a future generation. That being said, our [former Higher Command] team still has unfinished business with this amazing army, and it would not be overwhelmingly surprising to see a return of the Red Ravagers in the future.

What would you like the Red Ravagers to be remembered for?

We have an amazing community, one which will continue to live on whether we are an official army or not.

Despite unfinished business, BoMoBuddy smartly suggests that mental health will always be more important than armies. Will the Red Ravagers themselves be able to come back in the future?

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