Water Vikings Announce Temporary Closure

Water Vikings announced today that they would be closing temporarily, citing burnout and a general “slow-down in the community as a whole” as reasons. The army intends to continue on as just a hangout server for the time being.

The Water Vikings were initially founded in late December of 2010 due to a merger between the Masked Vikings [led by Jed Pen] and Water Troops [led by Zakster]. It saw several generations throughout the original Club Penguin Armies era. Water Vikings was eventually revived in May of 2020 by Kingfunks4, Pjayo and Buddy among others. Since, Water Vikings have secured victories in battle against the likes of the Templars and SWAT and recently beat the Army of Club Penguin in their fight to reach the finals of Legends Cup XII under the leadership of Aaronstone and Dino, among others. However, Water Vikings lost the finals to the Templars.

Despite a brief respite in the form of an unplanned war against the Templars, Water Vikings’ days appeared to be numbered as max sizes [and top ten placements] gradually started to worsen. This culminated in today’s announcement:

Aaronstone’s announcement regarding Water Vikings’ future in full.

To learn more about this sudden announcement, Club Penguin Armies contacted Aaronstone for an interview.

What were Water Vikings’ reasons for closing?

Aaron: WV just lost a lot of its steam post Legends Cup and we had a bit more left for the TCP war however, we knew that this was coming. Myself and so many others have too much respect for the people within the army currently and the people who came before us to allow it to continue on as it was going. Everyone was burnt out or burning out quickly, people were working too hard for the sizes that we got.


 Can we expect to see a return from Water Vikings in the future under your leadership?

Aaron: Never say never I guess, who knows what the future holds. I really don’t want to lead again and I was hoping that leading WV to its biggest heights since it closed in OG would be my lasting legacy but I guess we shall see.

All does not appear to be lost for Water Vikings, with hopes of a return next year. However, this announcement does count them out of the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament. Will Water Vikings return and rebuild?

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