Taking a Look Back at Fright or Fight

In Club Penguin Armies CPPS Golden Age, we saw a huge surge in popularity in this community. During the pandemic, especially. 2020 was a huge year for Armies and brought back a drive that was missing after many years. The league at the time, Club Penguin Army Hub, decided to create a brand new tournament to keep the activity throughout the slow months. That is when Fright or Fight was born. Two years later, let’s take a look at this tournament and how it affected our community.

Once school starts for most people, the community gets slower. Fewer people are active and have more responsibilities compared to the summer season. During the COVID era, however, this was not the case. CPAH wanted to create something that would keep the community alive for Autumn, before Christmas Chaos. The Fright or Fight Tournament was officially launched on October 5, 2020, dubbed The Showdown of Spooktober. It featured 14 total armies competing, and the hype continued throughout the whole month.


Round One Results

Tree Cult vs. Most Wanted

The tournament was held on Club Penguin Armies where it managed to hold servers with a record-breaking amount of penguins online at a time. During the first round, we see our major armies compete against one another, while S/M armies fight those likewise. This made for a more fair battle and brought encouragement for S/M armies to show their true colors on the battlefield.

RPF vs. HF – Semi Finals

Round two saw massive success in all armies, reaching incredible sizes in the 80s and 100s for the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force shown above. Small Medium armies also surprised the community with sizes of over 20 penguins for the Pizza Federation and Silver Empire.

The CPPS during the month of October changed its entire look to match the spooky theme. The Stadium had headlights and pumpkin lanterns, the Dojo got some cool party lights, the Mine had goo cracking through the floor, and the Iceberg became an entire pumpkin! They also added in Captain Rockhoppers Pirate Ship, Halloween music throughout the client, and created a new Fright or Fight emote for armies to use.

The finals of this tournament saw the Rebels fight the Army of Club Penguin, and the Red Ravagers fight the Pizza Federation for the S/M battle. Both armies managed to get over 100 penguins, leading to second rooms being formed as a lookout in case a room was too full. After a close battle, RPF took home the cake (or candy). As well as Pizza Federation, making it their third tournament won since the army’s creation. So much dedication was put into this tournament and overall made it so fun to participate in.



RPF’s trophy for winning Fright or Fight

In my personal opinion, I believe this tournament was a huge success, and kept armies lively in the fall season of 2020. IIt would be great to see something like this come back next year. All armies during this age were motivated, creative, and able to hold their grounds. They genuinely loved the thrill of a battle, and it shows. I hope that this motive will continue, or come back in the near future.



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