Helping Hands: Des and Rooboo Join Help Force Leadership

With Wynn retiring, two new Leaders, Desireus and Rooboo, are inducted to Help Force’s leadership. Let us find out what their plans entail, and how they choose to take the army forward, under their reign.

Two days back, Help Force witnessed the inauguration of two new Leaders – Desireus and Rooboo. To celebrate their promotions, the army held an event at Club Penguin Army Battlegrounds, for which 23 people logged on online to congratulate the new Commanders, and join in the happy occasion.

A picture from the celebration

Desireus joined the army community in 2012 after being recruited to Rebel Penguin Federation during the original Club Penguin era. He spent about a year in the army before leaving the community for several years following that. After this, on January 23, 2021, Des decided to rejoin the army community, this time being recruited to the Help Force by Mandal. In just a few months, he attained the rank of General, and was promoted to Marshal in August. He joined the Higher Command Team of the army in November, three months after which he received Second in Command. Des received the promotion to Leader in Training, this year, on August 27, before he was inducted as a Leader of the army.

Rooboo was recruited to the Help Force, in July 2019, a year after which he was promoted to Staff in the army. In November 2020, he received the rank of Marshal, and with the arrival of 2021, his promotion to the Higher Command of the army took place in the month of April. Rooboo attained the rank of Second in Command, along with Desireus in November 2021, following which both of them were promoted to Leader in Training on the same day, before stepping into leadership together, once again.

Gameday: Clover Deforestation – An event led by Desireus and Rooboo

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Desireus and Rooboo to know more about their promotions, and their future plans for the army.

How does it feel to be a Leader of an army?

Desireus: Feels very interesting, never in my life I’d thought I’ll a leader of virtual penguins.

Rooboo: To be honest it’s a bit of mixed emotions altogether. I could say it feels wonderful that hard work and dedication always pay off no matter how much effort we put into a matter and at the same time it feels like the responsibility is at its heaviest point. I wanted to reach that point so I can help the army grow and get stronger than ever before and at the same time, I never want Help Force to have something less than it deserves so I really have to give my absolute best to be able to make that happen because we all are driven in real life as well. So I could wrap this up by saying I feel so honored to have that opportunity :))

What are your future plans for the army?

Desireus: My future plans, for now, are to keep the army alive and start growing it effectively, hopefully, to venture into a victory in the last tournament of the year.

Rooboo: I wouldn’t be in that position if my plans weren’t to grow the army in number and strength and alongside that have enough entertainment and worth-it fun events in and outside of Club Penguin to maintain a strong army. I also will never allow Help Force’s reputation to change but to the better and to make this place for the troops safe, home, and trustworthy. I have to do my best to levitate Help Force above the settled bar of armies. It needs hard work to unleash a powerful side of the army that has never been seen before.

Given that you have been a Leader in Training in the army for a while – what are some of the learning experiences you have had that you would like to incorporate within the army as a Leader?

Desireus: One of the main experiences would be being responsible and reliable. Making sure events, tasks, etc. get carried out is one of my top priorities.

Rooboo: Definitely the weight of responsibility. Ranking through the staff rankings the responsibilities increase, so being a Leader in Training I learned what it’s like to be given the full opportunity to take decisions like planning the whole week of events, deciding when to host events for points, what do we need to do this week to improve and have a good fun time to enjoy! I also was notified to pay more attention to what’s going around in other armies and in the community in general. Politics to be precise about that part. I’ve always paid attention but I learned to not miss a thing. Aside from that, there are many other aspects like motivating the staff and having them enjoy being there and not treat the place as a job or a work habit. A lot of things to learn moment by moment and day by day.

Can you share your favorite memory/memories of the army, if it’s not too personal?

Desireus: I really have too many good memories to pick from, but one of my tops would be me first becoming a Staff member during one of the most dominant times of the Help Force, it was quite the opportunity.

Rooboo: I’ve been in the army for more than 3 years so it’s soo hard to think of anything at the moment 😅! I’ll try to share some for sure! – Harry Potter theme week 2019 was a hit. – Back then I used to speak like once a month but only as a speech and it always was pinned in general chat and was so hyped haha!
– My famous usage of words and emotes.!.!☺️☺️☺️
– Winning AoA
– Any winning aspect the army has been through, to be honest.
– The ROOBOO takeover
– ELP coming to talk to me during segments of my early stages of being in HF
Sorry, I can’t think much now but there are too many memories, I hope some of them above are enough!

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would that be?

Desireus: I’m just looking to give it all I can give. If I can’t be the best then I can give my best at least.

Rooboo: I’m Looking forward for Help Force to win. I want the Help Force’s community to enjoy it so much being around and celebrate a lot of winnings together!

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

Desireus: I’m gonna be real, I have no idea, especially with how unpredictable the situation is right now but hopefully in a good place.

Rooboo: I know it’s pretty common for anyone to say “grow the army” and I already said the same things multiple times. I genuinely mean it when I say the army will keep rising and we hope to obtain achievements that are unique and special for us. Above all, enjoy the process of winning and the journey of the company from talks to games to a home. Help Force will lengthen in many aspects.

It seems like Desireus and Rooboo are all in and determined to make the army reach greater heights, under their leadership. Both of them have a lot of plans for the army, and it will certainly be interesting to see what they bring to the table! We wish Desireus, Rooboo, and, the Help Force, the very best in all their future endeavors. What can the army community expect from both of them? How will the army perform under their leadership?



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