Clovers Declare War On Ice Warriors

The Army of Club Penguin has declared war on the Ice Warriors. However, the Ice Warriors have surrendered. Let us find out more about this war, the reason behind declaring it, and why the Ice Warriors chose not to continue with the fight.

Yesterday, the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Ice Warriors. The reason behind the declaration of war still remains unknown, but a post explaining the situation, and why the Clovers decided to take this step is expected from their leader as stated by him. 

Army of Club Penguin declares war

As it turns out, minutes after the war declaration, the Ice Warriors chose to surrender and even transferred the remaining twelve servers that they owned, to the Clovers. The Ice Warriors were in the midst of transferring their servers to their allies when the war declaration took place. The Army of Club Penguin has accepted these servers, resulting in their victory, but the Warriors remain firm on their decision to not go to war. 

Ice Warriors transfer their remaining servers

The Army of Club Penguin was the first army ever created, founded by Oagalthorp on September 29th, 2006. The army lasted the entirety of the original Club Penguin army community and was later revived on September 29th, 2019 by Mchappy and Chainpro. They have placed first in the Top Ten several times, and have even won many wars, and tournaments, notably the Holiday Championships finals against the Rebel Penguin Federation in January 2020, and the Beach Brawl II tournament hosted by the Club Penguin Armies this year.
They even emerged victorious at the Project: Conquest that happened last year, and are known for hosting their own tournament, the Aces of Ausia in 2020 that had the entire community engaged. The army has recently regained its Major status and has completed sixteen years of existence in the army community, thus being the oldest and one of the most dominant armies to survive, to date. 

Army of Club Penguin at Project Conquest

Ice Warriors was created in June 2007 by Iceyfeet1234. The Ice Warriors have been one of the most influential armies in the community, having reached sizes over 100. In their 15 years of existence, the army has secured 1st place in Top Tens numerous times and fought many wars over the years. From 2007-2017, the army has won countless tournaments – such as the Legends Cup V. Additionally, they have been consistent semi-finalists and finalists in tournaments the past year that includes Christmas Chaos XIAUSIA Arena, and Legends Cup XI and have emerged victorious in the March Madness VII tournament.
The army recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and was involved in the war against Special Weapons and Tactics along with the Templars, the Help Force, and the Water Vikings. To date, the Ice Warriors remain a major powerhouse and continue to stand tall, despite the odds.

Ice Warriors at March Madness 2021

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the leaders of both armies for their statements regarding this war but was only able to receive IceQueen’s (Ice Warriors Leader) statement, as Calgo (Army of Club Penguin Leader) is yet to give his.


Calgo: The Army of Club Penguin declared war on Ice Warriors yesterday because we wanted to war them, plain and simple. We have waited for over a year to engage in war and now that Legends Cup has finally concluded we wanted to end our age of isolationism and anti-war ideals for good. After much preparation and discussion we decided we wanted to target BIA’s weakest point, IW who revealed themselves to be cowards by not participating in the Legends Cup tournament. Our second reason for war was that they held our prized capital, Mammoth which we wished to secure as well as extra land to protect it. While this war may have been a victory, I do not view it as such as IW has denied us that chance to earn it rightfully. Once again they have shown themselves to be absolute cowards by backing down from the chance to fight and grow their army through conflict. I ask IW this: If you are not here to fight others and engage in war, then why are you in this community? Just shutdown already lol. You would be doing your army a service rather than making them log on for another themed costume event. Since declaring this war multiple individuals have been trying to dig up dirt on ACP as well as me in regards to our banning of Queen Anna who as many of you may know called one of our advisors a racial slur. I will never condone this type of behavior in my community no matter who it is. I find it laughable that now of all times you start looking into that situation after it was settled weeks ago. You know who you are and you are just grasping at straws at this point. If you want war then go ahead, DECLARE IT, I DARE YOU.

This might be the shortest war in history, as the Ice Warriors have chosen not to fight the Clovers, and have surrendered. It will certainly be interesting to see what the two armies do in the future, and if the relationship that they share, changes.  We wish the Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors good luck in all their future endeavors. What are your thoughts on this war? Why do you think the war was declared in the first place, and what is the reason behind the Ice Warriors surrendering? 



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