Legends Cup XII: Finals Results + Sweepstake Winners

A history-making finals of Legends Cup XII has concluded, and the results are in. Which army stood out among the rest and took the victory, and which members of our community correctly guessed the champions, and won a prize in the sweepstake?

The final round of Legends Cup XII features two armies that gave incredible performances in the semi-finals. They have been looking forward to winning their first ever Legends Cup tournament. The Templars of Club Penguin were matched against the Water Vikings.

Templars of Club Penguin vs Water Vikings

The predictions had favored the Water Vikings, but the Templars of Club Penguin were not to be underestimated. The Vikings have been very consistent with getting high ranks in Top Tens recently, and they managed to win their semi-finals round without losing a room. Meanwhile, the Templars have been dominating the Top Ten, having the highest maxes of today’s armies, but they did lose one room in their semi-finals round. Both of these armies had their first round byes and came into battle fully locked in.

Both armies entered the first room with the Water Vikings being a tad bit quicker than the Templars. The Templars would take advantage of their larger size throughout the room though as they were constantly covering the Vikings with cleaner formations and faster speed. Thus the Templars take the first room. Moving to the second room, it had a similar outcome. The Templars were able to consistently cover the Water Vikings thanks to their size advantage. The last room however saw a noteworthy change of performances. Despite the size disadvantage, the Water Vikings were able to perform quite well. While they were a bit slow to begin the room, their speed grew as it advanced while the Templars slowed down. Additionally, their bombs helped to make the size advantage of the Templars notably smaller. As a result, the Water Vikings win the third room. The battle resulted in a victory for the Templars with a final score of 2-1-0.

Templars vs Water Vikings in the Finals

Legends Cup XII Champions: Templars


Two weeks ago, Club Penguin Armies announced their first ever sweepstake, which saw 37 people submit who they thought would win Legends Cup. This saw 12 people correctly guess that the Templars would be crowned the champions. All our winners were entered into a Random Name Generator in order to see what prize they have won.

The winners are as followed, could you please contact Spotty (Elizabeth#2000) for your prize:

  • ☆jinx#0005 – Xbox PC Game Pass
  • loganf8#8173 – CPAB Custom Pin 
  • Mogi4#4444 – Nitro
  • keyg#3942 Daily Game Challenge 
  • paddy#8014 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 
  • hitthere#7760 – Tower of Fantasy 
  • BScharbach2#6912  Xbox PC Game Pass
  • Dolphu1a#4064 – CPAB Custom shirt 
  • Subster#3746 – CPA Role
  • EllieCordéSkywalker24#1767 – Tower of Fantasy 
  • zvy.phxbia#7186 Daily Game Challenge 
  • Nicholas777#9109 Daily Game Challenge 

Well done to everyone who correctly guessed our winner, and won a prize in the sweepstake! A great job to the Water Vikings for their valiant effort, and a huge congratulations to the Templars who take it home as they go down in history as the fourth army to ever have a victory in Legends Cup!

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